Attention Girls, Do You Know these 8 Things what drives men crazy ?


There are many things that can turn on a girl and each girl has her own preference. But when it comes to men, there are only a few sure shot things that are enough to make them go wild. We are not referring to toys and items to charge them up intentionally. We are talking about the daily items that girls use and they turn on a guy around them unintentionally at times. What drives men crazy?? Let us find out



1. Lollipop




The moment a guy see a girl with a juicy lollipop sucking in and out of her mouth, he automatically starts picturing the girl taking him to the nine cloud sucking his junk.





2. Cone Icecream




Intentionally or unintentionally, girl licks the top part of the cone ice cream in such a way that it becomes a representative of a man's private organ and when a guy sees a girl licking that, he just cannot control himself anymore.





3. Banana




There are some girls who seduce guys by sucking in and out a banana with their mouth. Even some movies show the same to portray the idea of oral pleasure. But under normal circumstances, when a girl puts that thick banana in her mouth, you know what a guy must be thinking right then.





4. Deodorant




The smell of a woman can drive a man completely crazy. Added to that, when a girl wears an attractive dress such as shoulderless and passes by the side of a guy, the guy would be forced to get attracted to that girl in spite of the fact that his girlfriend is around. 





5. Electric Toothbrush




It is a popular rumor that girls use an electric toothbrush for self-pleasuring. The notion started from western countries where a large percentage of girls confessed about trying it out. Hence, when a guy sees a girl with an electric toothbrush, his mind is sure to turn dirty.





6. Champagne




It is a commonly used in movies to show the peaking out of a man after having involved in physical intimacy. When a guy sees a girl popping the champagne bottle and the foam coming out of it, you know what their mood is for the night.





7. Ice Cubes




Ice cubes have been shown as a toy to play with to change up men and women in bed. Even though rare but when a girl licks or swallows an ice cube, men starts thinking about foreplay.





8. Cuban Cigar




All men and women know what the shape of a Cuban cigar represent. So when a girl holds a Cuban cigar between her lips, it is given that a cloud of wild thoughts will pass through the dirty mind of a guy.



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