Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women? – 11 Reasons that Could Save your relationship!


Women all over have pondered the question – "Why do men cheat on loyal women?" for a long long time now. Even though they have been faithful (right to their inner core) to their husbands, they have been caught having a sexual relationship with another woman. Although it is sad to hear and see such news, one cannot help but wonder what drives men to cheat on a woman that hasn't even so much as flirted with another man? Read on to find out the reason for men running into the arms of another woman/women!




1. It's a broken marriage



A successful marriage, among other things, needs love, care, compassion, affection, loyalty, and communication. When it lacks any one of these, frequent quarrels & big-fights become a daily affair in the house. This might just push your man into the arms of another woman.




2. "Boredom"



After some time (maybe years), men find their marriage & their life to be tedious, mechanical & dull. To regain that spark in life, they go out seeking it from other women, rather than looking to mend things with their wives.




3. Sexual experimentation



Some men like to "try out" other women, and they go about having sexual relationships with multiple women, just for the heck of "having fun" (no fun for the wife, eh?).




4. Learned it from parents



As kids, everyone looks up to their parents for guidance, in any aspect of life. And if parents themselves have been involved in illicit affairs, it sends a message to the kids that 'cheating might be ok'. To add to this, the same behavior from siblings, elders, peers, neighbors etc. instill that carefree attitude towards infidelity.




5. The thought of having fun & getting away with it!



It so happens, that the thought of cheating crosses a man's mind and so does the thought of keeping it under covers from his unsuspecting wife forever. He does it once, gets away, does it again, over and over again without ever getting caught. Until one (un)fortunate day, when the wife smells something fishy!




6. Sometimes men want to feel needed



In today's hectic and workaholic lives lead by people, it becomes hard for women to give time to their spouses. It is at this moment when the husband feels like being needed, being felt special again. That is when they turn to another woman for this lost feeling.




7. Underappreciation might be the cause



Being unappreciated can take a toll on your relationship. Constant bickering about the bed being unmade has to be made up by some compliment or the other to keep him happy enough. This one actually goes both ways. 




8. Inherent drive to cheat



This might just be the most compelling of answers to – Why men cheat on loyal women? The answer is very simple because some men cannot stop themselves from attraction towards women nor do they have any sense of loyalty, what so ever. Whether or not that could change is a different topic altogether.




9. It isn't love, it's 'limerence'



Wikipedia defines limerence as a state of mind which results from a romantic attraction to another person and typically includes obsession with the object of love and have one's feelings reciprocated. So there's that, and not love.




10. An escape route



If a man doesn't know how to break things up with his woman, he may resort to an affair to send the "message" of if he is a man who cannot stand being alone, he might find a new woman before ditching the old one.




11. An addiction that has gone too far



All men watch porn, jerk off and have certain fantasies of their own. Period. It is just that these fantasies should stay within the cranium of your skull and not wander off looking for them in the real world. When they do, men tend to find means to satisfy those addictions through dishonest means.


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