9 Reasons Why Delhi Girls are the Top Choice for Dating!


Beauty clearly defines a Delhi girl besides being beautiful they have got the most striking feature that makes them different in the crowd. Their charm can lift you off your feet. They are shy, funny, caring with all sorts of moods.

Her grace and beauty can make you question yourself that what makes her different from others. They are tough to deal but have a wonderful heart.


Here are the reasons to choose a Delhi Girl for Dating. Cheers !!!



1. Queen of fashion


Delhi girls are the queens of the fashion. They dress up very smartly whether they are college going or office going they are perfectly dressed. They are very good at doing experiment with their clothes and develop a new style.






2. Food lovers


These girls love to maintain their figure, but they are food lovers too. They find food their weakness especially when it comes to golgappas and chaat papri. They can eat at the stylish restaurant or the mere food available down the street.






3. Good at money matter


They are good at bargaining whether it is an auto driver or any other shopkeeper. They can reduce the price as per their convenience. They will never pay extra. They know how to handle their money.







4. Self-protection


Delhi girls are quite smart when it comes to their own protection. They do not like to create a show on the street, but when they have enough of the eve teasing, they do not feel shy to step up and raise their voice.






5. Love to gossip


Delhi girls are the complete chatter box. They are the like newspaper containing all the details about their friends and friend’s friends and so on. They can speak without taking a break. 






6. Love to travel


They love to travel whether it is a luxurious car or a metro ride. They are best are guiding routes of the Metro. They are capable of adjusting to any type of transport.






7. Emotional and loving


Having a Delhi girl by your side, you can deal with any emotional stress. They can turn your sad moments into happy one. They know how to deal with a sad situation and bring out the happy ones






8. Self-sufficient


She is complete self-sufficient when it comes to her independence and being confident. They are much capable of taking care of themselves.






9. Love to click pictures


When it comes to getting a picture click, she is ready to get them click the whole day till she gets the perfect one. Simply, they are the selfie queens.





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