All Time Famous Rivalries Among The Big Brands!

It is hard to find a monopoly business venture where one company will sell its product without any competition. Business is synonymous with competition and rivalry. But over the time most of the rivalries come to an end because no company stays the same over a couple of decades. Some perish while other make headlines all the time. Today, we are going to look at those top famous rivalries that are going on for ages and there is no way they will settle in near future.

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1. McDonald’s Vs Burger King 

Their rivalry dated back to 1950s and they have always been trying to provide cheaper burger with the best quality. The long-term competition continues till today where the other company always brings better offers for their customers to ditch their competitors.

2. Ford Vs General Motor


The battle between Ford and GM is always fierce. The two companies started their production in factories only a few miles away. Ford topped the international market before GM dethroned it and reigned for 80 years before filing bankruptcy. It is making a come back again and ready to fight another round.

3. Dunkin Donuts Vs Starbucks


Dunkin began its venture by making baked food item, and that is when Starbucks started to capture the market rapidly with coffee and side items. Dunkin was forced to bring coffee, and together they rule the world at present. Starbucks is slightly ahead, and the battle is yet to be won or lost.

4. Nike Vs Adidas

Nike was the biggest shoe sellers before Reebok came into the market and took over Nike’s market rapidly. Nike even reported a loss for the first time. But Nike made a comeback with sneakers and Reebok got sold out to Adidas. Ever since then Nike and Adidas are arched rivals.

5. Hasbro Vs Mattel

Hasbro and Mattel are the leading toy manufacturers in the entire world. Hasbro was the number one company in selling Barbie dolls but then Transformers came into play by Mattel, and the table turned rapidly. Hasbro offered to buy out Mattel but got rejected.

6. UPS Vs Fed Ex

Many think Fed Ex is the biggest logistics company but in reality, it is UPS. UPS have the maximum number of ground vehicles while Fed Ex has the highest number of airborne delivery services.

7. CocaCola Vs Pepsi

Their rivalry in world famous and it has been going on for decades now. The competition is so intense that once CocaCola came out with a product named New Coke which tasted awful for most of its existing customer. To make sure the loyal customers do not go to Pepsi, they sent an apology letter to more than 4000 customers to keep them intact.

8. DC Vs Marvel

They are the two graphical comics giants and their rivalry is rather friendly. Marvel is known from Avengers while DC for Batman and Superman. Marvel leads in movies while DC leads in comics sale.

9. Apple Vs Microsoft

There was always a fierce rivalry between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Both their companies revolutionized the computer world both in terms of PC and operating system. Apple almost became bankrupt when Bill Gates donated money to save it. later, Apple topped the chart beating Microsoft thanks to its innovative products.

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