Weird Body Facts That Show It Is The Most Mysterious System

Human body is the most mysterious piece on Earth. There are so many things going on in our body that even science cannot explain. We have brought forward some stunning facts you did not know about human body that makes you wonder that our knowledge is limited to a lot of aspects and what we can do if we achieve the full potential.

Brain =Several Libraries Combined?

Your brain has the capacity to store information more than all the books in a couple of libraries combined.  The functioning of your brain along with your youth is at its highest point when you are 25 and starts following a downward graph after 50, if not trained otherwise (I guess you would do that unless the goal of your life was to develop Alzheimer’s).


Survival Insticts!

You must have attended your physics classes, and know about buoyancy by now. But did you know that your body has something called ‘diving reflex’? When you dive into the water your brain acts the saviour, by slowing your heart-rate and redirecting blood from your body to the vital organs, which conserves oxygen.


You Were Born A Tarzan!

Did you know that a new-born baby can hang on to a branch of a tree for longer than you think, without getting tired? This is called the ‘palmers grasp reflex’ which babies inherit from our ancestors (the monkeys!). They generally lose this reflex at the age of 3 months.


Surprising Fact about Blood-Vessels!

100,000 miles might sound like a very long distance, but if you lay down the blood vessels of an average adult human, it’s length can be that long. This gigantic distance is enough to encircle our very own earth 2.5 times! Surprising right?!


Men Produce Milk!

Yes, you read that right! All humans have nipples and so they have milk ducts too. Men’s nipples too can produce milk if stimulated (don’t try feeding a baby with it though, it won’t be enough).


The Muscles Can Work Wonders!

We have been amazed to see the ability of body-builders to lift blocks of stones (or other heavy items) effortlessly. Well, we have 640 Muscles in our body which can be trained to work wonders or a mere adrenaline rush might serve the purpose too.


Body=Gross Liquid Production House?

On an average, our body constantly produces a large quantity of yucky sounding liquids like mucus, Saliva, bile and intestinal juices every day. The volume of all of them combined can fill an infant bathing-tub to the brim.


You Have Batmen in Your Body!

White blood cells are the batmen in our system, but these shield our bodies from unwanted intruders, instead of cities like Gotham. There are constant deaths and births going in your body (of cells). While you read this, millions of red blood cells are born in your body and millions have died. Wow right?!




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