7 Rock Climbing Destinations in India That Are Breathtakingly Beautiful

Adventurous activities are in the blood of the young generations and rock climbing is the most favorite activity they do everything you visit a hill station. If you are in India, irrespective of where you are, you will always find some spot in every state to do your rock climbing with safety. The following is the list of the top 7 rock climbing destinations in India that are extremely beautiful and perfect to fulfill your adventurous dreams.

Savandurga- Karnataka

Located at a 122m above sea level, the hill of Savandurga is one of the oldest monolithic formations in Asia which means that it is a single piece of massive rock! This hill is located in the Ramnagara District in Karnataka. Savandurga is one of the most popular destinations for hill climbers because of the challenge involved in it.


Miyar Valley- Himachal Pradesh

The stretch of Miyar valley is not often trekked by trekkers. It is located on the North-west side of Lahul Spiti, Himachal. The 100 km of Miyar valley spans from Udaipur to the fag end of Kang la pass. This beautiful valley located in the lap of Himachal Pradesh is one of the best destinations for rock climbing.


Sar Pass – Himachal Pradesh

Located in the Parvati Valley in the district of Kullu, the Sar pass is one of the favorites of the mountain lovers and rock climbers. The word ‘sar’ when translated into English, stands for ‘lake’. The best part of the trek is from Tila Lotni to Biskeri Ridge which has a frozen lake in the middle, that continues to be an attraction for trekkers.


Shey Rock- Kashmir

Kashmir is considered to be the most beautiful part of India. The only rock climbing destination in the Ladakh region of Kashmir is Shey rock. Trekkers in Ladakh generally take a visit to this place to quench their thirst for adventure. This is perfect for beginners who want to begin their journey of self -discovery.


Madhugiri- Karnataka

Madhugiri is a town in Tumkur district in Karnataka. It is a single hill with an elevation of 3930 ft. This hill is comprised of monolithic formations, that adds a feel to your rock climbing experience. The reward of the Madhugiri hill climbing is the view of the ruins of Gopala Krishna temple.


Pithalmala- Kerala

Pithalmala is a trekking destination situated in the Kinnaur district of Kerala. It is situated 1372 m above sea level and is near Kodagu forest. There are two popular seasons for trekking i.e. Summer and monsoon. The entire stretch is covered in lush green which makes it a popular photographer’s delight.

Hampi- Andhra Pradesh

This UNESCO world heritage site has several trekking routes. Among the favorites are Hemakuta hill trek, Matanga hill trek, and the Anjaneya hill trek. This place is amply blessed by nature with beauty. However, trekking at Hampi can only be done in November and December.


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