Modern Astonishing Sculptures That Will Pop Your Eyes Out!

Most of the people of our generation underestimate the modern architects. It is commonly said that modern architects cannot replicate the things the ancient architect did and left behinds most of which fall under ‘Wonders of the World’. But if you see the modern sculptures across the world, you cannot help but think how advanced our modern architects are. In fact, we have the best architects and technologies than ever in the past and therefore, the impossibilities are being achieved everywhere in the world.

Karma –

Most of the breathtaking sculptures and architectures in the world have symmetry or repetition. This sculpture has come from Korean architect Do Ho Suh and it is a series of males resting on shoulders of one after the other. It is truly a masterpiece mostly due to the bend and its illusion of infinity.

Equine Sculpture-

Situated in Scotland, it is the most futuristic and most beautiful sculptures you will ever come across. It is as if a volcano is burning inside the sculptures and they are so perfect that you just cannot take your eyes off it.


Spider Sculpture –

It is called Maman and it is a true example of what modern architects can do with their skills and money to fund their dreams. It is a combination of bronze, marble and stainless steel. From a few kilometers and while on a plane, it looks really scary as if a giant spider has attacked the world.


The Travelers –

This is a series of travelers through sculptures.  If you look closely, you will see that the major parts of the body are disappearing with every sculpture. You can wonder to infinity how these sculptures are balancing so perfectly. All the credit goes to Bruno Catalano.


Force Of Nature –

Here is another astonishing and mind-blowing modern sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn. It is a gravity-defying sculpture where it Earth is rotated with a piece of cloth by a woman. It is very thoughtful and provocative.


The Future Is Here –

There is no way you look at this sculpture by the modern architect Robin Wight and not lose yourself in its beauty. It literally seems like we are living in the future. This breathtaking sculpture collection is made out of steel wire.


Infinite Stairway –

You might have been familiar with the phrase stairway to heaven from songs or other sources. Architect David McCracken made it possible in reality. From certain angles, it truly looks like there is no end to it. It is called Diminish and Ascend and situated in Australia.


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