Inventions That We Found In Sci-Fi Movies That Can Become Reality

There is no dearth of Sci-fi movies in Hollywood and almost every one of them shows futuristic devices. These devices are loosely inspired by the need for the people and the technological possibilities. Starting from Star Wars to Avengers, we have seen cool things and technologies we wish could have been a reality. Here are some of those very useful inventions that we find in sci-fi movies that are likely to become a reality in near future.

A Smart Door –

It looks like the days of traditional doors and locks are coming to an end. We have seen advanced doors in sci-fi movies where you can lock and unlock doors with your smartwatch or smartphone. Some of the movies show locks with fingerprint and iris scanners.

Flexible Smartphones –

Carrying smartphones is a struggle for many men and women. Women still have carry bags but men have to carry the large smartphones in their pockets and sitting with them in the pocket is tough. However, if the smartphones become flexible as we see in sci-fi movies, it is going to be highly comfortable to carry them and they will automatically bend as per the surrounding pressure in the pocket or purse.

Smart Mirror –

The days of using a mirror for makeup and checking yourself out will be over. In sci-fi movies, we have seen smart mirrors that show your smartphone screen, things you should do like exercise suggestions and demonstration, skin care illustrations and likewise.

You can enjoy TV in your bathroom with its help. Some of them will also have cameras to judge your skin quality, height and show you how you will look with dresses, makeup, and other accessories without actually trying them on.

Smart Indoor Garden-

Gardening inside the home is an impossibility right now except a few plants. However, with the advancement of technologies, we have seen sci-fi movies where there are special pots for a smart home garden. The pots will sense how much water the plants will need, how much light it needs and what nutrients for their growth. It will provide the ideal circumstances for the plants to grow and they will grow faster than normal with a zero rate of death.


Painting Robot –

Painting a wall is a very simple task and we have seen robots in sci-fi movies which are painting the walls with colors. As a matter of fact, they can draw any design and pattern as per your wish. Such a robot can turn your ordinary home interior into your dream heaven.

Apart from that, trackable key holders and wearable devices that can track which part of your body is getting affected by foreign invaders and nanotechnology for suits could be a reality.


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