12 Things That We All Love To Touch and Feel


The silky, smooth stuff that makes your fingers feel like they are made of feathers, everyone adores those things. The kind of peace and trance that you experience when you brush something soft is simply hypnotic. One may just sleep to good touch! The sense organ for touch is very rarely activated so evidently and to drown is this feeling is simply serene. Wondering some things that you feel like touching instantly? Check these out – 12 things that we all love to touch.



1. Feathers


The softness of the feathers can make you use them all over your body, minus where it tickles and it’s just so much prettiness and fun.



2. Silk


Silk fabric is one of best things to touch. Well, it already denotes how silky it would be, so it actually is no surprise that silk made it to this list.



3. Soft Toys


The ultimately cute and soft toys – puppies, lions, dogs, kitties etc. are so amazing to touch that one may easily get obsessed with touching them.



4. Baby’s Skin


The softest that a human ever is, is when he/she is a baby and it’s no wonder that baby’s skin is considered one of the softest things on earth and hence, is so incredible to touch.



5. Fur


Fur is soft, fur is smooth, fur is silky, fur is fun, fur is obsessive; you will keep on sliding your fingers on fur for hours before you realize it. It’s that touch-y!



6. Flower Petals


Who doesn’t love flowers! Plus, flower petals are just so damn soft. Probably the reason they are used in the “Golden Night” decorations. Pretty and harmless.



7. Marshmallow


Ooh, marshmallows are so soft, it’s almost irresistible at times to not eat it and keep touching it. Some may not like such chewy things but the touch is one to fall for.



8. Cotton Ball


Cotton balls are so cute and so soft. And when something has cuteness and softness, you know that you want to touch it for times unknown.



9. Velvet


Velvet is a personification of soft touch! Be it paper or cloth, it just feels so mesmerizing to experience that “velvet-y” touch.



10. Breasts


Quite believably as per their looks, a woman’s breasts are one of the best things to touch for men and there is no denying that, is there?



11. Fine Sand


Fine sand, like that on the beach, is extremely soothing yet exciting for the hands to play and touch constantly without even thinking about it.



12. Hair


Ah, the love of silky, smooth hair, it’s the aim of every girl’s hair life. And those who have it, well, they have got one of the best things to touch already.



How did you like reading about the things that we all love to touch? Do put down your comments and tell us thoughts around the same. Hope you enjoyed reading. Cheers!



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