The Epic List Of 50 Best Never Have I Ever Questions

Having a reunion party or a birthday bash and planning to have drinks together? You must definitely try out something new this time to make it memorable – how about the most entertaining drinking game ever? If you have watched American Pie or Game Of Thrones, you must already know what exactly 'Never Have I Ever' or 'I've Never' game is all about. It is a perfect party game where you can have free drinks, get totally intoxicated and cleverly force your friends to spill out the deepest secrets.

The game is extremely popular among college students and adults. But more often than not, due to the involvement of adults only, never have I ever questions tend to become sexual. In the intoxicated state (due to too much drinking), a person will give up serious details about past relationships and acts he or she had done that could lead to some future consequences if their partners are around. Sounds exciting? Here is how to play it 

What Do You Need?


  • A bunch of friends and even strangers would do, but they should be honest (who are not afraid of consequences, LOL).
  • A circular table or a fireplace in the open area.
  • A number of small glasses equalling to the number participants.
  • Bottles of hard drinks which must be poured into every glass in raw or diluted state. 

That's it, you are ready to use your brain and blast your friends cleverly.


Never Have I Ever Rules 


  • 1. The participants have to sit in a circle. 
  • 2.  Anyone can start the game by asking a question that begins with 'Never have I ever…'
  • 3. Anyone who has done the deed mentioned in the question at least once in his or her life must drink(raw or diluted) instantly. This includes the person who has asked the question as well.
  • 4. Then the person sitting next to the person who asked the first question will get his chance to ask his question. It goes around in a circle unless all the drinks are consumed completely.


How To Make It More Interesting?


  • If nobody has done the deed, then the person who asked the question has to drink.
  • In case, there is only one participant who has done it, he or she has to reveal a detailed account of the incident. If multiple participants have done it, then they can just drink and no explanation needed. 

Even kids play the game with the modified version of Five Fingers and clean questions. Every time someone has done the deed mentioned, he or she puts down one finger. The person who will put down all fingers first will be the victim of performing an embarrassing act!


Here is the best Never Have I Ever Questions List 

As a rule, you need to ask those good questions that you have not done yourself. But rules are meant to be broken, and so, you may ask questions which you have done as well to encourage others to come out clean. If you want to verify any rumor that you heard about the participants or you want to know about a participant's character in a better way, this is a perfect opportunity. Use can use the following ideas for reference and be creative enough to come up with your own set. 


Funny Questions 



There is nothing as good as asking a few funny questions and get to know about the weirdest things the players have done in their lifetime. This part makes the game extremely entertaining


Never have I ever


1. Caught my fart with my hand and smelled it.

When people are alone, they have this weird habit of doing it. 


2. Been caught with my private parts exposed (zipper open, low pant expose, or pop out of a top).

Wardrobe malfunction is a common thing, and most of the people face it at least once in a lifetime. 


3. Scratched my private parts and smelled it. 

Another weird habit, most guys, and girls have but never confess. 


4. Got caught watching adult videos and got scolded badly.

This happens very often, and it is a good time to who are those unfortunate souls.


5. Masturbated and cleaned my hand with a towel and saw everyone else use it later.

When you are in a hurry to clean your dirty deed, things just do not go according to the plan. 


6. Farted in a crowded place(elevator or public transport) and laughed at it later.

There are a few things you just cannot control. 


7. Sent an adult message or a hot photo to a family member by mistake. 

This is one situation that can make you skip a few heartbeats. 


8. Had an awkward situation with my boner or boobs (touched, smashed or pressed mistakingly)

Every good thing in life has an exception. 


9. Changed my dresses in a vehicle and someone watched me doing that.

Due to lack of space and time, situated force you to do it.


10. Grabbed someone private part by mistake and cherished it later.

Mistakes can also be good at times. 


11. Called my partner by the wrong name.

If you have then your life was hell for the next few days.


12. Got physically hurt while making out but could not tell your partner out of shame

Sometimes passion can make things wild and go out of hand!


13. Slipped in public places due to slippery things like banana and got completed embarrassed.

You must ask the affirmative participant to narrate the story for fun. 


14. Ever had to go to washroom urgently to clear my stomach while making love to my partner

You cannot ignore nature's call for long. 


Clean Questions For Kids



These questions are for those who want to keep the game rather safe and do not want to go with all chips in. It is best for school students. 


Never have I ever


15. Given anyone a fake phone number knowingly.

When you know some is annoying, that is what you do. 


16. Peed in the swimming pool or in the shower.

There are a lot of people who does that, and you can keep them away from your swimming pool that next time. 


17. Peed just because I was dead scared or beaten badly.

Bad things happen on bad days.


18. Walked into a room suddenly and saw a family member getting dressed.

It is difficult to maintain privacy all the time at home. 


19. Fall asleep while studying and someone caught me. 

This happens all the time with almost everyone.


20. Stolen a thing from my classmate.

At least, you will watch him or her out next time onwards. 


21. Had a crush on my teacher and wanted to kiss.

Crush on teachers is common, but the wild fantasy is not. 


22. Got someone in trouble willingly and enjoyed it.

An empty head is a devil's workshop. 


23. Kept something secret in my underwear and went in public.

That is where nobody would have access except you. 


24. Blackmailed someone to get my job done. 

We all have an evil side that can get activated anytime. 


25. Met with a moment when I thought my life would end today. 

The scariest day of my life – paranormal activity, got lost or what else?


26. Stolen money from my parents and got caught red-handed.

Money is something you can never get enough of, and it can drive you to do the things that you thought you could never do. 


27. Looked into someone's phone without permission. 

We are always interested in everyone else's life. 


28. Fooled a teacher about a grave situation and laughed at how easily you did it at a later instance.

You got to ask the participant to narrate it because this is something interesting. 


29. Went to the bathroom and came out without washing the private parts and hands due to water shortage.

This is really dirty but sometimes you got to do what you got to do, right? 


Good Questions To Ask Your Friends



A game of questions and drinks can never reach the peak of excitement until some naughty have you ever questions are asked and replied. This is where the drinks turn from diluted to raw for participants to be courageous enough to reveal some of their hidden secrets. 


Never have I ever

30. Got turned on during a medical examination by a handsome doctor or a sexy lady doctor.

Well, it is quite common for doctors to touch you at sensatie places for proper examination, isn't it?


31. Made out in school or college toilet without getting caught.

A lot of guys and girls may go down the memory lane when this statement would be put forward. 


32. Done a dirty dance to seduce a boy/girl in a night part. 

When the lights are dim, and a lot of thirsty guys and girls are around, it is easy for everyone to do whatever they want. 


33. Had an adult chat with someone completely unknown.

We all open fake social media account to do just that and fulfill our odd fantasy.


34. Had sex with two guys or girls on the same day. 

Well, it does happen a lot when you have your married partner at home and an extra-martial affair outside. 


35. Had a dream where I was having sex with one of my family member.

When your fantasy runs wild, dreams help you to fulfill them. 


36. Said 'I Love You' to someone I was not attracted just to sleep with him or her. 

Your sexual passion can drive you crazy. 


37. Used a household item or food as a sex toy. 

When you cannot buy them, you can still manage them from everything you have. 


38. Given a handjob in a cinema hall or park.

Some things are irresistible and better when the stakes are high. 


39. Took advantage in a crowded public transport and rubbed private parts.

What an ideal place for people to hit on other people like no one else exists on Earth. 


40. Slept with more than four men/women in my life. 

It is time to determine who ha a successful sex life.


41. Slept with a guy/girl within one hour of meeting him or her for the first time. 

This happens very often these days thanks to social media platforms. 


42. Fantasized about raping or having sex forcefully a girl/guy.

We all have a beast in us that wants to get unleashed.


Dirty Questions



It is a common trend that as the game progresses and people get drunk, the good questions turn into personal questions. This is where the game reaches the peak of suspense and revelations will surely bring out the darkest shades and secrets of the participants. You need to be with your trusted friends so that your secrets do not go beyond the game to ruin your life. 


Never have I ever


43. Slept with my brother/ sister and did something sexual. 

Well, if you have seen Games of Thrones, you know, it is a fantasy some people have in their childhood.


44. Swallowed cum other than my married partner. 

This is a hard pill to swallow!


45. Had a video chat with a stranger to whom I showed everything irrespective of being in a relationship. 

In this world of digitization, a lot of people have already achieved it. 


46. Had a gay/lesbian encounter, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. 

Experimentation can sometimes yield a favorable outcome. 


47. Tasted my own material after masturbating. 

Sounds whacky but almost everyone does not. 


48. Tried to lick my own sexual organs.

If you were single for a long time, you must have done some weird stuff.


49. Licked a butt hole and I liked it.

Some people have a different taste altogether. 


50. Made out with someone who is twice my age.

Age is just a number that cannot be ignored. 


The ultimate result of the game!

Just don't hold back anything and speak your heart out. If you get slammed later by your friends, you can give an excuse that you were completely drunk!



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