9 Controversial Movies And Shows On Netflix Created Massive Buzz

Netflix is the biggest video subscription service in the world for watching TV series and movies. Do you know the total no. of subscribers on Netflix ?? Well, currently it has over 98 million subscribers out of which 50 million are from the USA. People of 45 different countries watch billions of hours time of videos every month. Out of all videos, 89% are original content and it started with the famous series House Of Cards

There are some darker corners on Netflix where one can visit to dig up some of the most controversial shows and movies that never make it on the front page. These so-called controversial arts of creation have drawn quite a protest from a certain section of the society for the violence and sexual content portrayed on the screen.

While some of those protests have been successful but others got the much-needed exposure and fetched more views that most of the popular series and movies that people love to watch on Netflix. Here are the top ten controversial shows and movies on Netflix that you should watch at your own risk.



1. 13 Reasons Why


This is the most controversial series Netflix has ever streamed. It reached such a peak of controversy that Netflix itself had to do a press release to calm the situation down. It showed bullying, assault and suicide act among youths. Selena Gomez is one the producers of the show. Due to its controversy, it is getting a second sequel series as all eyes will be on it. It is the most tweeted show of 2017.


2. Iron Fist


Marvel's Iron Fist has somehow managed to draw a lot of controversies and received poor ratings and reviews after that. The scene of tortures and fights are over glorified and a few insensible tweets from lead actor Finn Jones ruined it completely. It was so hyped that it had the highest viewership on Premiere day ever by any series on Netflix.


3. Reservoir Dogs 


It is one of the movies from the 90s that was put on Netflix and it attracted enough of controversies. The extreme violence of the movie was so realistic that it upset from of its audiences and drew heavy criticism. It is rated among top 50 best movies of Netflix till date.


4. The Snowtown Murders


It is a movie based on true story and it depicted the murder and sexual abuse scenes so vividly that the scenes became unbearable to watch. Even though it was received controversial statements from all across the world, it is still one of the most watched movies on Netflix till date. It is rated the Best Horror Movie on Netflix. 


5. Sleeping Beauty



It is one of the most uneasy movies to watch. A girl named Lucy had to become an assistant of a lady to please her clients and always dresses in two pieces at the office. But this is just the beginning as things get creepy and messy and the depiction of somnophilia – sexual aroused by someone who is unconscious or murdered is beyond any level of humanity.


6. Antichrist



This is the most polarizing movie of all time in the history of Netflix. While the movie received critical acclaims, the audiences were seen walking out of the cinema halls as many thought this masterpiece to be a garbage. The actress received Best actress award in Cannes 2010. 


7. Deliver Us From Evil


This is a documentary with disturbing content about a Father of a church and how he committed serious crimes and managed to survive without getting caught yet. Though some people say that it is a masterpiece worthy of an Oscar yet it is simply unwatchable. 


8. We Need To Talk About Kevin


This is a famous series only for those who have the ability to watch it without breaking down. It is a psychological thriller and contains too many uncomfortable scenes to watch it at a stretch. Tilda Swinton received a Golden Globe nomination for the same.


9. Hostage To The Devil


This is another controversial show on a priest who believes that his demonic possession can give him more superpowers to control the world and do exorcism acts. The depiction of the character and event are too realistic to stay calm. 


This list could be endless as there are many such creepy and controversial shows and movies that Netflix still stream. If you search for the above one to watch, it is totally up to you how you will feel after watching them. 



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