30 Best Tinder Pick up Lines Ever With Bonus Tips to get HER

We have all been in this status at least once in our entire lifetime – single. With guys being more often in this situation than their female counterparts. Although the universal ratio of guys and girls is almost balanced (really close 107:100), an app such as Tinder is based on location, and that makes the above ratio to fluctuate wildly depending on the country/place you are in. For example, if you are in a place like India, the ratio leans towards guys with 1000:933, and this makes it all the more difficult for the already suffering on Tinder, the population of guys. 


The Tinder intro & tips to master it


It so happens that women are the ones ruling and completely in control of the dating game, all over the world. This statement holds true even if you say that men are known to be "players" or 'unfaithful" beings. Similarly, on Tinder, which is mostly based on looks, the women power is strong, and to add to the already bruised situation is the inability to impress the few matched women on the dating app.

To avert this embarrassing scenario we have come up with a few tips to woo the other sex if and when you actually get matched on the site before you actually take a look at the list of pick up lines for guys and maybe girls too!


Tip #1

She's already on Tinder, be calm: Since the girl is on Tinder, she already knows what she is here for, and what the place has to offer here, which is a casual fling or a one nighter. 


Tip #2

You have been swept right: You are now the chosen one, which means that you can now talk to her and that she finds something interesting about you, most of the time, your appearance. 


Tip #3

The need to be yourself: This is probably the most overused expression in the history of dating advice. But the key here is to know how much of 'yourself' you need to be. you shouldn't pretend to be someone you are not, nor should you show your crazy side to the woman you just started talking to.


Tip #4

Confidence is key: Women can sense the feeling of self-doubt from a mile away, lucky that you're not in front of them. Be confident of yourself, don't doubt yourself and make a mess of an opportunity, whatever you say to her, let it be a reflection of your assured self.


Tip #5

Respect the other person: Yes, it is true that they are on a swipe-based app, to hook up with another person, nevertheless, it is imperative to be respectful of the match that you get. Do not come on as too strong, it is off putting!


Tip #6

(Sometimes) persistence pays: This isn't about being persistent with just one person, but about the entire community. You may not get a match as soon as you enter unless you are either Dan Bilzerian or Zayn Malick, but it is important to not give up. Maybe the right match for you is still in the pipeline. Wait and keep swiping.



Here are some of The Best Tinder Pick up Lines


1. 'For the way too hot to handle' kind of girls 




This is one of the first ones because it is one of those funny pick up lines that has a medium success rate. Use this one only when you feel you have no energy what so ever, for it is a generic one.




2. As free as the united States of America



This is a rather innovative way of asking someone if they are free tonight, with the highest rating of free time being 'Murica! These might work well with Americans as well as with others, as America and freedom have been used and toyed around with forever.




3. One of the funny monologs



Although this one might seem to be a bit much, it can be used later on, maybe after a few exchanges of pleasantries and when that girl just does not reply even after a long while, to lighten the mood!




4. The very best for a man



This one is old but is a potential gold treasure. Try this out for a woman you like, but the tagline needs to be known by her! Most women know this but you might come on as classic to some who like it that way.




5. Jon Snow much?



This one might make you come out as a strong character, and not in a very good way, but yeah the odds are high with this line! FYI, you might even make it to her perverts list with this one, so be cautious!




6. Almost tricking the girl



This one is a great pick up line if the girl you want has a pretty good sense of humor. One of the witty lines that could totally get you her number, or wreck your chances if you don't improvise like the guy here. That is another valuable dating tip – improvisation. 




7. Can't believe a girl actually used that 



A book, a phone book? Wow, this is by far the most elaborate and smooth way to get someone's number. That was pure gold and needs to by on top for sure!




8. Persistence can be helpful, sometimes



Sometimes it might pay off to be a bit irritating but with the right stuff. Like in this example where the girl found it cute, not exactly a pick up line but a thing that some women like! Do not over do it, or you might end up being blocked.




9.  Puns with the girls' names win every single time 



You need to make it just right. Use their name to make a pun and a funny pick up line, more like a pick up conversation though, and you're basically halfway into getting her to go out with you. 




10. A Christman special – your new crush



Although this one is around from the times of short messaging services, it is still something that almost always works. It is a hilarious pick up line, that anyone can use to catch the other party by a pleasant surprise. 




11. The new in town play!



This is a rather witty and funny pick up line to be used on unsuspecting damsels! LOL. Nevertheless, works most of the time. try it out on your Tinder crush and find out what she thinks of it!




12. Interacting and keeping it witty



Probably one of the best pick up lines for guys. Shows the sensitive side that you still care about your mother and at the same time shows your intelligence of using her name to get a girl into bed!




13. Another Christman trick!



This is another way of getting a girl you like to give away her picture (hopefully you don't get too far and ask for a nude one, 'cause that would ruin it completely!)





14. Keeping it simple and being straightforward!



Keeping it simple and speaking your mind always works. You just have to be yourself and speak your mind, no matter what it is is, just praise the damn girl!




15. The cheesy ones score too!



Sometimes, it becomes ok to be a bit cheesy; for cheesy pick up lines do work on some people and at times, it works if you try saying that it is gonna be cheesy and then say the line!




16. The one missing piece



Always a good thing to pair the two of you together so that they get a feeling that you really wanna be with them. A girl most of the time doesn;t think it's too creepy or run away from you!




17. The FRIENDS TV show reference



Anybody who watched Friends the Tv show can recall this famous line said by the character joey on the show. If it worked for him to pick up women face-to-face, why can't it work for you on a social networking site? Try it out n let us know how it works out




18. For the eyes only pictures on Tinder



This is for those weird chicks that put up only their eyes as their pictures on Tinder. If you like them and find that to be lovely, then go on get matched and you could be well on your way to seeing the rest!




19. Diving into your tank of perverseness



This can be a bit too bold but it can and has worked for many guys, looking to make a bold statement after they have been matched. try this one out, maybe with a few tweaks, and let us know what happens. 




20. Love at first swipe! Made for Tinder



You need to be on top of your flirting game, it is, after all, an app that has at least a hundred people hitting on the same woman. This is probably the best line, that twists the classic love at first sight situation into one suited for Tinder.




21. Apple of your (girl's) eye!



This one, although hasn't received a response yet might just be the one line to show that there are classy people left on the face of the earth!




22. Saved the last ounce for the best



A hilarious and witty way of asking a question to the damsel herself, proving to her that she is the right choice to be made even when the juice is about to be exhausted!




23. The swiping warrior 



Sometimes just letting her know that she was a rare catch, pays off pretty well, in the form of the girl being more impressed with you. Use this one well!




24. Becoming an impromptu poet



While you gotta make this seem like an impromptu, she will obviously know that it wasn't but you still insist. Anyway, a neat set of three lines that say that she's the one for you!




25. Showering unconditional love to a stranger 



It sometimes so happens that people tend to lean towards those with a predilection to shower love, even though they are strangers. If the girl you met on Tinder is that kind of girl, this would be the best line for her!




26. The immediate future planner



It always, I repeat,  ALWAYS pays to be funny, if you can get her to laugh you can get into her pants. That is the case most of the time. And a line like this can surely show that you have the right sense of humor for her to feel good about you. 




27. Making it a contest with you as the prize



Again, nothing can replace being funny. Pick up lines like these can surely lighten the mood right on the outset and set the tempo right away. And by extension make you look irresistible.




28. Calling them the hottest on Tinder



This is not just calling them the hottest on Tinder, that would be way too banal! Instead, you could call them the hottest – whatever name they have – to make it sound a bit more personal and try to stand out!




29. Sometimes it's better with no line 



It so happens that girls on Tinder hear all these corny and cheesy pick up lines, that they get fed up of it. And all they want to hear is something fresh, and this kind of a thing can be refreshing and something new. Try it out!




30. Professing love – if she is really that mesmerizing 




If the girl of your dreams did swipe you right too, then my friend, there's nothing more rewarding than that. But don't you panic and screw it up, remember the tips given above and take things slow!



With that piece, we come to the end of the tips and pick up lines to get you to be successful on the biggest and the most popular app to meet people online. We hope that you have learned well about what can be and cannot be done from this article. Try putting these tips and lines and do let us know if they worked for you. Your comments can help another man/woman land the love of their life. Happy swiping!



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