7 Non-Physical Cheatings That Are Still Considered Cheating In A Relationship

Cheating in a relationship has become a worldwide phenomenon. It is when a person prefers someone else over their partner. Many do not consider this as a proper cheating as the person can still have equal feelings for his or her partner and it could just be a fling that can subside sooner. But when a person has a physical affair with someone of the opposite gender, it is the worst form of cheating. Apart from this physical cheating concept, there are various other non-physical cheating ways that should be considered cheating in a relationship in this modern world. Well, at least some people have already started to consider it a cheating and breaking up with their partners instantly.

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1. Closer To Best Friend Of Opposite Gender

It is said that your relationship can never sustain unless the two persons happen to be the best friend of one another after getting into a relationship. It is natural for a person to have a best friend of opposite gender before getting into a relationship and if he or she continues to be closer than their partner, it is considered to be a cheating by many. After all, a boy and a girl can never be just friends!

2. Flirting Online and Offline

Well, there are many people out there who continuously flirt with people of opposite gender online as well as in the real life even though they are in a relationship. When you are in a relationship, the basic rule is that you should only flirt with your partner. But if you are always finding someone else to flirt with and you are enjoying the activity mentally, you are cheating your partner mentally.

3. An Affair With Your Phone

It has been found that 4 out of 10 people love their phones more than their partner and that is why they spend more time with their phones for all non-basic activities which they could have chosen to devote to their partners. It has also been observed that a person addicted to his or her phone is likely to find another more attractive partner and cheat in the near future as the seeds of cheating are growing up. Couples are breaking up in real life because they are not getting enough time from their partners.

4.Complaining About Your Partner

If you are the one who complains about your partner and focuses on all the negatives and let in out in the public behind their back, you are literally cheating your partner. It shows the at the relationship is not working for you and you are not open to your partner as you can be in front of others. Even if you are complaining about your partner in front of others, you are hurting his or her feelings and you are just taking everything for granted and not making her or him feel special.

5. Over-Interaction With A Stranger

Interacting with a stranger is a normal thing but when things get out of control, that is when you are cheating your partner and at least on the way to do so. For example, you meet a guy in a bar or party and you take an instant liking for his personality and your conversation turns into a flirt. Even though you know it is not right, you do not resist him and let him flirt with you. You should know the limit and let the stranger know the same.

6. A Secret Freind

If you have a secret friend of the opposite gender that you do not want your partner to know, this is a straightaway cheating. The secret person can be a good friend of yours but he or she might be a rival to your partner. It could also be the person whom your partner hates and told you not to interact anymore.

7. Lying About FInance

To get a partner on your side, you know that sometimes you have to lie. If you confess the lies after getting into a relationship and if he or she forgives you, you are just lucky. But if you are still lying and especially about your financial conditions, you are straight away cheating. Some boys and girls lie that they are rich, while others pretend to be poor and extract money from their partners for survival.

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