18 Second Date Ideas to Make Sure you Score with Her


It isn't the 1990s anymore where you can just show up in a nice muscle car and sweep your date off her feet. This is the 21st century and you need to up your dating game.

Apparently, it isn't enough if you planned and had the perfect first date but the date that follows that up should hit the right spots too. While there are cliches like going to a movie theater, or out for drinks that still do make it interesting but if you wanna make it a second date to remember, read what we have to say.



How to get sure shot success on your Second Date?


1. Get to the beach



This can be the best second date, for the beach is where all the action is. Pack some snacks, swimsuits, and sunscreen and a board if you do that and relax at the beach with your date.


2. Go skating



This one sets the tone pretty early, especially if neither of you knows how to skate. You'd need to hold hands, to support each other. It helps if one of you knows the art and so can take the lead. Although a fun second date, this isn't for those who'd embarrass easily.


3. Go wine tasting



One of the finer arts is wine tasting. It is the easiest way to seem cultured and get sloshed all at the same time. Take your date to a wine tasting tour to show that you are a man of culture as well.


4. Visit a fair or a carnival



A carnival is a fun and exciting place to go for a date. This lets her know that you are a fun person and allows her brain to associate your face when the word 'fun' comes up. And it's scientifically proven too, so get on a roller coaster with her!


5. Take a ghost tour with your date



What's better than a made-up spooky & haunted place with just the two of you. Go get scared together to get closer to one another. This is a great second date.


6. Go to a pool that is open after hours



There is always a tinge of excitement when you go for a swim in a pool after dark. Take them to a pool that is open at night for an intimate swim without many or anybody around.


7. Visit the Zoo



You both have to be animal lovers to enjoy this one. If you do, you're gonna love all the magnificent, adorable animals and the chirpy birds that are on display at your local zoo.


8. Play some mini-golf / pool / go bowling



A local joint always has a set of games that you guys can play. It gets old quick if you just sit and down some drinks. Mix things up, shoot some pool, do a little bowling or even play mini golf!


9. Trivia night at your favorite bar



You could always wow your date with your surprisingly vast knowledge about the history as well as current affairs. Yeah, the same info you thought were a waste of time.  Also if you win, generally, the drinks are on the house, so happy trivia night.


10. Your very own film festival



This has become kind of the norm of second dates if it is at your place o theirs. It is more commonly called Netflix and chill which ends up being a hot date.


11. Go boating



There is nothing more romantic than a self-driven boating date. Hire a paddle-boat were the two of you can sail to the middle of the lake and, maybe have a nice moment.


12. Go get your palms read



Although many people don't believe in this, it is always a fun thing to do on a second date. But don't go asking questions about your love life.


13. Take your date horseback riding



This can be an extremely chivalrous thing do to and your date would fall head over heel if you already are above the amateur horse rider level.


14. Get lost in a maze together



Kids love this game of getting lost in a maze together. Adults too can try this out, getting lost and finding your way back together, can be exciting.


15. Have a park-picnic



A pretty mellow and simple idea but will work wonders if you choose to go out in the evening and it turns steamy after the lights are dimmed.


16. Play an outdoor contact-sport



Playing any game with your date will draw the two of you closer, provided that you aren't being extremely competitive. It releases endorphins and has the same effect as the carnival date.


17. Go to a rock concert



You could take your date to a music concert. Choose the band well, for a band that is out of sync can be a serious dampener on your plans to take it further.


18. Go stargazing



This could be an extension to the picnic date or if there is a lot of light pollution where you live, you could take them out of the town camping and then lay on your backs looking at stars.


That ends our list of awesome second date ideas to get things moving along. Did you love them? Let us know below in the comments section and use one of the reaction buttons.


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