The Pros and Cons of Dating a Chinese Woman


Chinese women, of late, have been given a great amount of respect and reverence, most of which was missing for the better part of the Chinese history until the emergence of the People's Republic of China in 1949, and the latter part of the Qing dynasty. With mostly patriarchal families, men are expected by women to carry the relationship and care for them like queens in these parts. Nevertheless, you will find that there are many upsides to getting together with a woman from China.



Pros of Dating a Chinese Women


1. Beauty


Many people don't have that much of an inclination towards beautiful Chinese women, but if you are a guy who does like Chinese women, you will find that they are one of the most beautiful creatures on the Earth, with their wide eyes, flawless skin, petite figure and pouty smile. Ah, beautiful Asian women!



2. Perseverance in the relationship


Unlike most western chicks, Chinese women tend to 'not give up' so easily on their relationships. They don't just quit if they find that it isn't working well for the two of you. Instead, they try to salvage and fix things.



3. Family-oriented in their core


Most Chinese women love their families more than anything. The only thing that makes you #2 in your relationship is their family. This can be a good thing for men who love a big family. I guess they are just raised that way!



4. The cuisines


If your Chinese girlfriend is a cook, you are in for the food ride of your life. Your entire lifetime isn't enough to enjoy the vast styles of food in China.

P.S. Most Chinese women are taught how to cook! 



5. Long term


For most parts, she wouldn't be looking at flings or short term relationships. If you bag a Chinese woman as your girlfriend you are going to be buckled up for the long haul. She expects you to take it forward and marriage pretty soon. This one can be a pro or a con, it's best left to your preferences.



6. Extremely caring


Your Chinese girl will be the most caring creature in the world, maybe even beating your mother at it and it's not only aging Chinese women but your girlfriend too. Once you give her all that she wants (like keeping her happy by treating her well) there would be no one else more protective, loving and be caring of you.




Cons of Dating a Chinese Women


1. Starving over workouts


It is literally impossible to pull your woman to the gym along with you. Chinese women are known to starve in order to become slim and hate the gym.



2. Gold "Digging"


Generally, Chinese chicks consider foreigners to be loaded and hence you might find a couple of gold diggers along your way to find your true soul mate. Be wary of that.



3. The losing face rules


There are a lot of "social rules" to be followed when you are tied to a Chinese woman. Although most of these rules apply only to the natives and less to you as a foreigner, they include not being able to buy a used car, unable to marry a divorcee etc. You can but you will lose you face!



4. Love for the Chinese language


If you have decided upon a Chinese woman to be your partner, it becomes a must for you to learn their language, for they love it the most. There is the advantage of a native speaker teaching you a new language.



5. Blunt approach


She could be pretty blunt about anything like your appearance, or not being in the mood to do something, or even about your approach at doing something, and of course, all this comes under the 'love' bracket.



Disclaimer: This is a generalized view of an average Chinese woman.

Keep all these in mind if and when you fall for a woman from China. Leave us a comment about your opinions on the post.






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