13 of The Hottest Women in Politics! This’ll Change Your Mind About Politicians!


Who would've ever thought that politics could be "not boring". If you still think that it is boring, you need to check out this whole new slew of hot women that have been dominating world politics. Finally, people have begun to recognize that "pleasant to the eyes" and "great leader" can be used in the same sentence, that "beauty with brains" can be a reality. With that in mind, let's take a quick peek at the list of hottest women in politics.



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1. Eva Kaili





This 38-year-old Greek hotty, Eva Kaili topped the list of hottest women in politics. She was a TV news presenter, who was elected to the European Parliament for Greece. She represents the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) & was a member of the Hellenic Parliament for the district of Thessaloniki, Greece. Probably the hottest politician yet!




2. Joanna Mucha




Joanna is a 41-year-old Polish politician. She was the Minister of Sport & Tourism of Poland from Nov 2011 to Nov 2012. Within that one year, she made a pretty strong impression in our hearts, phew!




3. Vanja Hadzovic





Vanja is a 31-year-old Serbian diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She was severely rebuked for posting revealing pictures of herself on the internet & her job was on the line because of that. We think you have a better shot at other industries, and can gladly quit politics, if it came to that!




4.  Nikita Klæstrup





Nikita is a 22-year-old Danish is a fashion model, political commentator, reality TV star and a member of the Liberal Alliance after the general elections in 2015. We are currently at a loss of words!




5. Anna-Maria Galojan



Anna is a 34-year-old former Estonian political leader, better known for her embezzlement conviction and extradition from London to Estonian prison. Yikes!




6. Orly Levy




Can you believe that Orly is 43 years old? She is an Israeli politician who is an independent member of the Knesset for the Israeli Government. To add to this, she was also a part of the Israeli Air force!




7. Julia Bonk




Julia is a 30-year-old German politician, who was the youngest member of the parliament in all of Germany. She could just kill us all with those eyes!




8. Maria Kozhevnikova





This 32-year-old Russian actress and politician is a member of Putin’s United Russia party. Apparently, Maria appeared on the cover of Playboy & was voted as the hottest woman in all of Russia in the year 2011, rightly so!




9. Elizabeth Halseth





Elizabeth Halseth, the 34-year-old stunner was the youngest person to be elected to the Nevada assembly. She is a member of the Republican party of the USA. Her beauty was showcased in the Feb & Oct 2012 editions of the Maxim magazine! Just WOW!




10. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy





49-year-old Carla isn't exactly a politician but became the First Lady of France after Nicolas Sarkozy, her husband became the French President. She is a model, singer and sing-writer!




11. Eunice Olsen




This 39-year-old Miss Singapore universe winner of the 2000 pageant was appointed to the Parliament as the nominated member (NMP) by the Singaporean President SR Nathan. this made her the youngest Nominated Member of the Parliament at 27 years of age.




12. Ramya/Divya Spandana




Divya Spandana or Ramya as she is popular as is a 34-year-old Indian actress and politician. Formerly a member of the Indian Youth congress, she is now a member of the Indian National Congress. She's surely the cutest politician out there!




13. Alena Arshinova




Another stunning model-cum-politician from Russia is 31-year-old Alena Arshinova, who is the Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Legislature. Can't stop looking now can ya? Imagine the state of the other politicians in the assembly!


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