WOW! 16 JawDropping sportswomen that were pulled right outta your wildest dreams

Professional athletes train hard, to keep their body and mind fit. When this fitness is combined with beautiful faces – BOOM –  you get God's perfect creations. These 16 beautiful athletes from different sports are surely going to have an everlasting effect on your minds and in your hearts!



1. Gina Carano




Age: 34

Profession: MMA fighter, Actor

Country: USA


This MMA fighter has also appeared in movies like Fast & Furious 6 and Deadpool! 



2. Ellyse Perry




Age: 26

Profession: Cricketer, Footballer

Country: Australia


This hotty from Australia has represented her country in, not ONE but TWO  sports at the international level! Talk about achievements and beauty at the same time!



3. Holly Ferling




Age: 20

Profession: Cricketer

Country: Australia


Holly has been achieving only what most of the other girls in their 20s could dream of. Representing cricket Australia at a young age of 20 is no minor feat! 



4. Maria Sharapova




Age: 29

Profession: Tennis Player

Country: Russia


Any list that includes beautiful women from around the world should and will have this gorgeous Russian Tennis player. Recently she was banned from playing for two years after she was found taking banned performance enhancers, apparently only 2 days later, after it was banned.



5. Danica Patrick 




Age: 34

Profession: Stock-car racer, Advertising-Spokeswoman

Country: USA


She's a stock-car racer from Beloit, Wisconsin, we can call her a beautiful petrol-head. Sheis regarded as the most successful woman in the history of American open-wheel racing. She sure does get our hearts racing!



6. Leryn Franco



Age: 34

Profession: Model, Actress, Javelin Thrower

Country: Paraguay


She's a well-known athlete from Asunción, Paraguay, who also took part in the 2004, 2008 and 2012 Olympics. This multi-talented beauty is also a model-turned-actress.



7. Anastasia Ashley 




Age: 29

Profession: Wave surfer, Model

Country: USA


Wave-surfers need no introduction, they ride the deadly ocean waves with the terrifying Sharks while looking badass! Not to mention their surfboard abs, slightly tanned skin, and beautiful faces! 



8. Clair Bidez 




Age: 29

Profession: Snowboarder

Country: USA


Here's another kind of "Boarder", this gorgeous blonde from Vail, Colorado sets temperatures soaring even in the freezing snow of the Winter Olympics!



9. Maria Kirilenko 




Age: 29

Profession: Tennis Player

Country: Russia


There's seems to be something with Rusian Tennis players, all of them are scorching hot! And Maria Kirilenko, from Moscow, Russia, has been setting the Tennis court on fire!



10. Anouk Hoogendijk




Age: 31

Profession: Footballer

Country: Netherlands


The Dutch, seem to have hit the jackpot with this woman! Nicknamed Noukie, she's an excellent defender/mid-fielder and she looks like a dream!



11. Alex Morgan




Age: 27

Profession:  Footballer

Country: USA


The USA produces one the most gorgeous…umm..footballers? All of them should be into acting or modeling, if you ask me! This blue-eyed Olympic gold medalist hails from San Dimas, California.



12. Sania Mirza




Age: 30

Profession: Tennis

Country: India


The #1 Tennis player from Hyderabad is not only the best in India but also is a total feast for the eyes! She's now married to Pakistani cricket player Shoaib Malik.



13. Lauren Sesselmann 




Age: 33

Profession: Footballer

Country: USA


Here is another stunning footballer from the States! She's an American-born Canadian soccer defender who is also an Olympic Bronze medalist.



14. Meghan Hardin




Age: 24

Profession: Golfer

Country: USA


This gorgeous blonde is the one to look out for at the sport of Golf! Hope she doesn't get a Golfer's – Tummy!



15. Whitney Miller




Age: 27

Profession: Wave surfer, Model (Miss America 2012), Jiu Jitsu fighter

Country: USA


Another hugely successful figure from the USA is Whitney Miller. She is not only a wave surfer but also was the Miss America pageant winner in 2012. And recently has taken up Jiu Jitsu fighting! Way to go girl!



16. Paige Spiranac




Age: 23

Profession: Golfer

Country: USA


Probably the hottest of the lot is Paige Spiranac from Wheat Ridge, Colorado. This near-perfect blonde is also an internet sensation on Instagram. Get following!

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