13 Astonishing revelations made by anonymous insiders of p*rn industry !

Research says that – "For every general webpage, there are 5 p*orn webpages! That said, what you see on screen is not what happens out there at all! Scroll down to find out the FACTS about your beloved adult entertainment industry! I'm sure that all your dreams of working in this industry will be shattered (if you actually dreamed of that)! 



1. Women are the rich and men, the poor!


Women seem to be making about 4x times what men make, only in this industry!





2. It's not done in one take!


A lot of pauses, retakes and -believe it or not- TEXTING takes place during a shoot. There are also numerous breaks to rest and get the lead to get a hard-on again.





3. Nobody transmits any disease to anybody, except HERPES


All the actors undergo rigorous tests and have to obtain a PASS, every 2 weeks, in order to move forward, to ensure that nobody passes on anything to anybody but herpes test isn't conducted so 99% of them have that sh*t.





4. Most of the "Gay" performers are straight as an arrow


This one is heart-breaking! A majority of the actors you see on gay scenes are actually straight, talk about earning their bread.





5. Drugs, Drugs and more Drugs


One of the stars revealed that she has seen 3 kinds of girls, a drug addicted college dropout out to make some money, an adult star who has quite a bit of experience and does drugs 'cause she's used to it or a well-established p*rn-star who has banished the rest of the crew from talking about her drug abuse.





6.  Most of it in the scene is fake!


All that on-screen enjoyment, climaxes, and action-sequences, if you will, are all staged, never happen 99% of the time.





7. The Director helps out the male lead sometimes!


It is said that the director has "props" to help the male lead reach the climax and make it seem real enough.





8. Couples or "friends" are often cast together to ease the process.


A p*orn producer revealed that often they try to find couples and surprisingly, FRIENDS in order to break the tension and reach that required a level of intimacy.





9. FANS recognize stars here too


Fans are generally too shy to make an advance towards talking to their favorite night-mate but they do come asking for autographs if spotted in public





10. All those huge 15-inch junks you see are totally FAKE


You see that scene where a man pulls out massive machinery and you think to yourself that you're worthless? Don't! it's all made up!





11. Cameramen eventually get something or the other on himself, eww!


Being a p*rn cameraman is no easy job, with all those close-up shots and different experimental angles, you are bound to get some action yourself.





12. Only a basic framework of the scene is made, the rest is Improv!


Only a part of what has to be done is scripted and enacted, the rest is left to the whims of the actors. So most of what you see and hear is pure improvisation!





13. The actors aren't just shoved out after a day's work!


After a scene/movie has been done, the actors are given some food, a warm dressing robe, and a nice hot shower area to clean up.


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