Things You Should Never Ever Do In Your Life!

Everyone needs a guide in life so that we do not make the same mistakes in life as other people have made. Some of these mistakes can ruin our life and career completely. The following is a sort of guide of things you should never do even though you might get tempted to do them. For example, you should never underestimate your failure. Just let it pass and look at it with a peaceful mind. There are a lot of things you will learn and most importantly, you will get various perspectives of being successful.

Never Date For Physical Activity-

There is always an urge among men to date women just to nail them in the bed. In fact, men are obsessed with young women who are virgin. This is because it will leave a bad memory for her in her growing age which can ruin her life perspectives. She can also make your life a living hell. Believe in waiting patiently and falling in love with some permanent mindset.


Never Choose Love Over Career-

There are many who prefer to choose love over career. But there are hardly any who has not regretted the decision as life progressed. Love will always find a way but you need to make your future. Therefore, in your job life, your job is more important than your love. If someone truly loves you, he/she will understand that you are doing to for stable future of both.


Never Demean People –

Everyone has a right to live the way they are and they want to be. It may be funny to you and others when you demean someone but you are only ruining your character and personality in the real world. Nobody lives on your money or your father’s money, and this means you have no right to demean them. A fat guy or a black girl may have the best heart of them all.


Don’t Do Cowgirl For Long –

When in bed, some women take to take charge and get on top of men. However, the recent study and survey shows that you are likely to grow penile fractures if she rides on your for too long and too violently. Even the shyest girls get violent when they are turned on.


Never Have Physical Activity In Hotel –

Even though a hotel room may probably seem to be the best place to make out, however, there are a lot of risks involved. Some of the hotels have hidden spycams and your video can crop up in an adult site. Well, even the most luxurious hotel rooms can have spycams. The same is true in public places because there is always someone watching even though you may not see them.


Never Bitch About People –

Try to be a nice people because it is right and free. There is enough number of people who speak shit behind everyone’s back. Try to be different and spread positivity. Even the bad people will not badmouth behind your back.

Apart from these, do not drink water standing, never waste your time on your ex if she has moved on, never take loan from friends and relatives, never be afraid to speak up and never take any decision when you are angry.


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