Funny Memes Of 10 Years Challenge Will Make Your Day!

The 10 years challenge has gone viral and everyone is uploading comparison picture of themselves now and 10 years back. Well, the trollers and meme-makers made the most out of this viral trend of #10YearChallenge. They have posted some of the memes that will make you laugh out loud instantly. We have curated the best ones and listing below to make your day.

1. Nokia Never Runs Out Of Battery

Nokia was the king of mobile phones back in 2009-10. Apart from the popular snake game, it took people quite a while to understand that the battery was the best feature in the phone when they started using smartphones which drains out quickly The point is proved in the meme. After 10 years, only 1% has drained.

2. Still No Money

Well, this is a meme that most of the people in the world can relate and agree. There is always a shortage of money unless the last 10 years have been terrific for you financially.

3. Lives Of Programmers

Well, it looks like there has not been a single change in the lives of the programmers. They are still single and still sitting on their computers and spending their day and night coding.

4. This Is Thoughtful –

Even though technology has changed our lives significantly, the gadgets have become our master. There was a time when the family time was a thing, now, there is no time for anybody when you have a smartphone in your hand.

5. Yahoo! Was Erased By Thanos!

Yahoo! was competing with Google for God’s sake in 2009 and now, there has become an afterthought. In fact, the new generation does not even know what it is.

6. Men Will Be Men

Some men are willing to wait for decades to hook up with their crushes even though she does not give him a chance by mistake.


7. Spiderman Is Not The Focus

Well, if you watch Spiderman acted by Tobey Maguire, this is how Aunt May looked like. But the recent Spiderman movies shows a young, pretty and extremely attractive woman from whom you cannot take your eyes off even when the spiderman is around.


8. Well, This Need No Explanation

Truth hurts but it cannot be ignored.


9. Aging Is Painful

This is a meme that speaks the harsh reality of life. As we age, the vision of our eyes become weak and spectacles become a necessary accessory. Therefore, in the life of an aged person, this is how the challenge makes a revelation.



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