Men vs Women Facts-19 Hilarious difference between them,The Unanimous list!


The battle between the two genders has been going on since the inception of humanity itself. Although they are similar in some terms, they are leagues apart in most other aspects. Let's take a look at the funny side of the story! Let's start the battle Men vs Women. Let's Explore Men Vs Women facts.




1. The complexes!



A man never thinks he's fat unless he's about 250 kilograms! But with women, it's the other way round! If a woman hears the word, FAT, you'll never hear the end of it!




2. The wish!



THAT! is all men care about, such simple creatures! And be it the 1st time of the 11,556th time, we still get totally mesmerized by them!




3. The aftermath of the breakup!



Yeah, we know this one, it's the women who have a huge queue at their doorstep, ready to "get things going" again! Unfortunately for my fellow-men things turn digital and more indoorsy! 




4. The simple range of colors!



It's just simpler that way! We tend to stick to the VIBGYOR series!




5. The two different desk-tops! 



We can't know for sure which one is more cluttered! And the same goes for the wardrobe, to a man, the whole house is a wardrobe! But a woman is tidy and organized! 




6.  The effort!



Is it really this easy? Eat less, work out moderately, or meh, whatever and get that kind of body? Damn! Now, I wish I was a girl!




7. The time required!



Strap on a pair (of pants), an overcoat and we're ready! But it's neeever that easy with a girl, is it? She has to be perfect, with at least 2 inches of that foundation-thing! And then the make-up building is built upon that foundation!




8. The pub scenario!



And the classic bar scenario! You puke amongst women, and you're pampered for the rest of your, night, but puke amongst boys and you're a pussy for the rest of your life!




9. The difference in grammar!



This is more informative than funny, read-up guys (& girls)! We still don't understand why these things can't just be said out loud! cheeky




10. The Facebook scene!



Why does the social media hate us, guys so much!!! 




11. The barbershop splurge!



A change in profession is in order! I'd like to be a women's "hairstylist"! If the women folk are dumb enough to pay up, then why not!




12. The procedure to impress!



Showing again, why men are simpler creatures!




13. The Marriage vow reactions!



Well, we don't know whose side to take here, I guess both of them are right in their own way! LOL.




14. The shopping mania!



So that is the reason for balding in men! Also, men don't "hate" shopping but walking around in circles for 3 hours and buying the skirt you saw 1st makes it far less enjoyable!




15. The difference in packing!



And yet, somehow the women manage to forget their most precious item on the list and the car needs to be turned around, EVERY F*CKING TIME!




16. The united species of men!



Nearly brought us to tears! Look, look at them, men!




17. The difference a top can make!



This one's strictly not for the younger readers! Ah, who am I kidding! Kids these days have access to dark web and whatnot!




18. The time to get ready!



Yet somehow, men still end up being late to the office!




19. The turn-on-time!



The above depiction is probably the most accurate one, to date! Some pictures are enough at blood, um sperm banks, so that should give you a fair idea huh?

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