Men will be Men – 9 Insanely Perfect Imperial Blue ads Depicting MEN!


Seagram's Imperial Blue music CDs. Ever heard of them? The blue logo with Imperial Blue Superhits scrolled across in an arc in the corner of your Tv set while you enjoy that insanely perfect ad depicting what men actually do in, "playful" situations! And every time you watch one of these ads, we're sure that there is a huge smile on your face. These amazingly accurate ads have been brought to us by advertising biggie Ogilvy & Mather & the "Men will be men" tag has had a great run from the past 19 years, for the liquor brand Imperial Blue!  Let's take a look at the best of these Imperial Blue ads.




1. The one where the husband has forgotten his 10th marriage anniversary!



Remember, "5 carats, princess cut"? This is the one where the husband is out to get a diamond ring for his wife. He wants "a" ring and at the same time looks to bring out the jugaad factor into play! The reason being that the anniversary was the previous day!




2. The one where the guys expect a beautiful new female co-worker!



This happens almost always at the office when you have nothing to do on a Friday evening. You're chilling with your co-workers and you hear the clicking of high heels in the distance. Your romance senses light up and expect a hot woman with tight business attire and high heels, but sadly it's your old-ass co-worker with brand new shoes! The smirk on the girl's face at the end says it all!




3. The one where you expect a beautiful girl to sit next to you but she has other plans!



That airplane scene that happens to most of us! We see a guy on an airplane, who is sitting by the aisle with an empty seat next to him. He gets his hopes up seeing a beautiful woman looking for her seat. It was his lucky day, she asks if she can sit next to him, but then, there is a cruel turn of events and he ends up sitting with her aged grandpa!




4. The things that we do to stay a little while longer with that beautiful damsel in the lift!



Great gal vs. old aunty, uncle – the lift battle! This one's a classic, the guy at the lift doesn't heed to the cries of a middle-aged couple to stop the lift. But goes on to stay a while longer as he sees this beautiful woman get on, from his floor. But you gotta watch the ending for that is what provides the icing on the cake!




5. The one to impress the hotty (Disha Patani) in the lift!



The Pranayama demonstration in the lift is worth every second struggled! It is gorgeous Disha Patani on the lift and two men standing by her side look like they are in great shape. But then as soon as she gets out, they heave a sigh of relief, letting out the caught breath, revealing their bulky tummy!




6. The sudden love for Carnatic music for the sake of your new girl! 



Even when you love Yo Yo Honey Singh! 

It is when you're dropping your new date home, and she loves Carnatic music for some weird reason and you play along! Ah, the things that men do to get "things". Then you wave goodbye to the damsel, and get back to turn up the bass! Ah, bliss!




7. The one where the beautiful new female co-worker has arrived!



That internal office cock-fight!

There is this competition in the air, between the "men" of the office when a new and beautiful co-worker sits close to you. The cold war that ensues is probably the pointless of the whole history of pointlessness, especially if you later get to know that she has an S.O. already!



8. That cheesy trick to make the girl in the lift stay longer!



We're back to the lift and hot girl again. It's when yo see that a beautiful girl is coming towards that tiny cubicle you travel by every day and you press all the buttons on the console just to stay a while longer. But that moment when he gets caught at the end, that was precious!




9. The one where  "biwi ki trip… cancel ho gayi!" 



That poor, poor guy Amith! He probably had a lot of things planned out, probably from the time, she told him of her office trip. Now he sits there lamenting, with another, more experienced husband, who has seen and done it all! This guy is seen consoling poor Amith & informing calmly to his friend who understands the "gravity" of the situation! cheeky

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