12 of the Funniest senior quotes ever! The Best From High school Yearbooks!


There is nothing better than graduating from High School, in front of yours and all the other proud parents. Some feel sad that the best days are over while other rejoice that their hardships are at an end, finally! Amongst all this mixture of feelings, comes the opportunity to look badass on your yearbook. Some seniors work on it for days reading up on several scholarly badass stuff and trying to come up with their own lines, others do it naturally while the rest just don't care! Nevertheless, a large number of those yearbook quotes turn out to be funny as hell, here are the best of them 'Funniest Senior Quotes'.



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1. The closet quote!




Maxwell here might just be trying his best to let everyone know that he's, well not straight! What better time than the end of your school days.




2. The single's quote




Miss Morgan hides under that lovely smile a shit-load of pain that she has been single throughout her schooling days, which has manifested into this yearbook quote!




3. The quote of holes!




This little guy probably stole this line, how could he possibly have time for golf, after all that, well, that! 




4. The hair quote




This guy loves his hair so much that he let it decide his yearbook quote! Wow!




5. The hand quote




This young lady is either totally uninterested or is trying to get a "cool yearbook quote". Either way, she gives one of the funniest senior quotes when she pointed out that the hand in the picture isn't her's!




6. The all important quote!




Clearly, for this guy education is more important that anything else in the world, maybe more than the air that he breathes!




7. The confession quote




There might not be a better time for Ms. Garcia to confess that she's really mean and not the "funny girl" everyone thought her to be!




8. The wasted time quote




We don't know if she's brilliant because she calculated all that time or stupid that she thinks school is just to get a paper and a handshake. She still features the funniest senior quotes!




9. The 'unrelated' quote!


As you can see, this is pure brilliance!




10. The chain yearbook quote!




We've all heard of chain messages and chain emails but never heard of this chain yearbook quote!




11. The frustrated twins' quote




Well crafted, Hills!




12. The science quote




Way to show that you love science. Anyway, Asians gotta be an engineer or a doctor, you've made your choice!



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