8 Hilarious Things Dog Owners Have To Face Silently!


Owning a pet is one of the best feelings in the life of a pet owner. But in life, nothing comes easy. With the eternal love and affection between a pet owner and its pet, there are many compromises that he or she has to make silently not to piss off the pet especially dogs. Initially, it is really hard to adjust but with time, it becomes a habit. For an outsider observing those compromising acts could be really funny and we have listed them below for your understanding and entertainment. 


1. Temporary Sleeping Position



If you own a dog and you let the dog sleep with you in the same bed, it is certain that you can never have a deep slumber. Dogs tend to move a lot while sleeping and hence, the owners have to adjust the postures very often. So, in the morning you would be surprised to see that your and your dog position has swapped overnight. 




2.  No Space For Boyfriend



If the owner of a dog happens to be a girl, chances are that she would not need a boyfriend. She would fall in deep love with a dog. From physical needs point of view, a dog loves to cuddle and caress a girl than a guy. Well, sometimes girls get deeply involved with pet dogs to satisfy their physical needs and ditch their vulnerable boyfriends.




3. No Need Of Housemaid



When you own a dog, you know that you have to be your own housemaid because dogs have a tendency to scatter things here and there and due to their innocence, you cannot rebuke them. So the only option you have is to clean your own house at any time of the day.




4. Size Does Matter




When you are buying a puppy, make sure you do some research and check out what it would become in future. Some dogs grow so big that you crush the bones of the older persons in the house by jumping on their lap. So make sure you buy a dog that you can carry comfortably in the long run else your dog will become the dinosaur inside your house.




5. No Privacy At All




Dogs are innocent and they always love to be with the owner wherever they are. So, if you travel, you have to carry it, if you go to bathroom, it will follow you when you bath or get rid of your waste products. Hell, it will also intervene in your love-making session with your beloved.




6. Safeguard Your Private Parts




Dogs have a very high affinity for the private parts of their owners. It is more so when the owner is a girl. They love to lick and smell and caress those areas. That is exactly why boys need to be extra attentive because dogs love to sleep on the private parts of boys of some odd reason.




7. Mood Booster




Since you literally have no privacy, it is sometimes a boon for you because they will have let you be in bad mood. It is scientifically proved that the company of a pet keeps a person happy. Well, there are some people who love to take their frustration out on their pets verbally and pets listen to their abuse innocently without any reaction. Once the storm is over, silence and happiness come back.




8. Heart-Melting Moments




If you are discouraged to owning a pet dog after reading all the above points, then you did not understand the meaning of owning a pet dog at all. Those who own them treat them like their babies. The innocent faces of the pet dogs will always melt your heart. They are the ones who will never complain or judge you based on your success or failure, looks or character. They are the ones with whom you can be who you are. They are the perfect examples of the existence of eternal love.



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