How To Give A Hickey To Leave A Mark Of Your Passionate Love?

Sexual pleasure is not just established through intercourse. There are various ways expressing your love, seduce your partner to ecstasy ultimately leading to a heavenly orgasm. While many love to leave a temporary mark of their kisses and soft bites during love making sessions, others like to give a Hickey or Love Bite.

If you don’t know what a Hickey is and how to give a Hickey that your partner will love to have, the following is a complete guide. 


What Is A Hickey?



A hickey is a slightly hard love bite delivered by the aroused partner while making intense love. It is generally a bruise caused by the breach of blood vessels. Hickeys are not just for showing how intense your involvement was in love making but also to show the dominance or marks of possessiveness from one partner to another.

The bruise will appear to be brownish in color like a blood clot and mostly is given on the neck or soft parts of the body. The skin of the neck is very sensitive and a soft bite on it will cause the mark to appear quickly.


Where To Give Hickey And The Myth



Hickeys are known as a mechanism to increase sexual arousal. Similar to a kiss it can be given by boys to girls and vice versa. There is a myth that hickeys are given by boys to girls as they love to show their dominance but even men have been seen receiving hickeys. Men can bear the pain of the hard bite and suck for a longer time and hence, the mark will be more prominent.

It is meant to arouse the feeling of extreme sexual sensation in both the partners. Hickeys are generally placed on the neck as it is most sensitivity part and quite a soft part of the body. But other soft parts of the body like breast, hips, thighs, ears and in some other sensitive parts are great spots for hickeys. 


Is Hickey Safe and How Long Does It Last?


Other than getting the brown marks or a slight pain, hickeys are considered to be very safe. No reports of any malignant disease or sexually transmitted diseases have been made so far.

In fact, it is even considered safer than a French kiss where STDs can transmit through the mouth to mouth lip locking.How long does a hickey last depends upon how dark the mark is. Getting rid of hickeys does not happen instantaneously. Some people might find it for a couple of days and for some it might last up to a week.


How To Give A Hickey Or Love Bite Perfectly?



A Hickey sometimes comes as a sweet revenge from the couple. It increases the intimacy between the partners and the urge to burn in sexual pleasure becomes high.

So hickeys can be fun as well as sexually satisfying. A love bite is considered as a sign of love that appears after intimate moments. Here’s how to give a Hickey.


Engage In Foreplay

You need to make your partner feel the same passion as you are in so engage in some lusty foreplay to increase both of your sexual pleasure. Engage in sucking and biting. Try to get deeper by sucking and giving a sweet and soft bite to your partner’s sensitive areas. It is all about building the momentum for the ultimate moment.


Seek Permission 

Always ask your partner before giving a Hickey. Many people may not be in favor of a hickey due to public embarrassment. It can be an embarrassing moment if the bruise in the neck gets discovered in the social environment.

The most important thing is if you bite your partner without his/her consent then he/she might become angry and won't be prepared to endure the pain of biting. Seek permission and if there’s no hesitation then go for it. Always be generous to ask your partner before giving a hickey.


Spot The Area To Bite

Spot the place where you want to give it. Sometimes, if your partner resists a hickey because of social humiliation, you can give a hickey in private spots which are not exposed. Approach with your mouth first. You can always ask your partner where to bite for he/she may have an objection if you approach on your own. Once decided, start to kiss the spot gently before getting aggressive. 


Kiss Passionately

Kiss generously with a gentle approach. Your partner will enjoy that moment and could be the reason she loves you more. Your tongue will play a pivotal part in here. Kissing aggressively on the chosen spot will eliminate the task of biting.


Sucking and Biting

Try to suck in 'O' shape and kiss the area so that it becomes supple and easy to leave a mark. Suck for at least 30 seconds and then give a bite. The bite should be gentle if you think it is not enough or the marks haven’t appeared yet then try to bite a little harder. In a few minutes, your Hickey will appear like magic.


Even if you aren't purposefully marking a spot on your loved one with a hickey, she can still be looking that she has been hooked up with a literal vacuum on her body part which can barely hide. So the next time you make love to your partner, definitely try it out in the spot where your partner has no objection.


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