Female Body Language Decoded-22 Signs And What They Mean?


It is quite shocking to learn that 55% of our communication is made up of body language. To understand what a person really has in his or her mind, one has to analysis the words spoken, the tone of the voice and body language. Body language includes your facial expression, gestures,  posture, eye movement, and activities. It is always said that it is difficult to decode a woman's mind. 

Any person can speak words that do not reflect what he or she has in mind. That is why most of us are good at lying. Ant person especially girls can use a distracting tone of voice so that the lying never gets detected. But it is the female body language signs that betray them as it is an involuntary action. Here are the 22 common female body languages signs that reveal the hidden truth.



Female Body Languages And What They Mean


1. If a girl touches her hair often while talking to you.

She is feeling shy to talk to you. It could be that she is introvert, but it is more likely that she likes you. 


2. If a girl twists her hair strands.

If she speaks in a seductive voice, then she is a mood to flirt and wants you to check her out. Else it would mean that she is bored and twisting her hair is a way to keep herself active. 


3. If a girl touches her neck while talking to you.

It generally means the girl is feeling uncomfortable and insecure in your presence. She could also do so when she is worried or troubled by other thoughts. 


4. If a girl rubs her hand or smoothens her dress while talking.

This is a seductive move where the girl wants you to check her out.


5. If the girl gazes in your eyes and lips and leans towards you while you are talking to her. 

She has grown some interest in you, and she might also check you out while you look away for a moment. 


6. If she stares at you multiple times from the corner of a room full of people. 


This is a sure shot sign that she has a crush on you.


7. If she removes a piece of her clothing in front of you or pulls her top down.

Girls generally do not do that in front of guys but if they are, it is a way of seducing you to check her out. 


8. If she nods her head thrice.

Nodding head three times means she is in complete agreement with what you are saying. Frowning face mean she is not. 


9. When she walks seductively which is not normal. 

This is her way to get the attention of the guys, but she always has one guy in her mind. You cannot be sure if it is you unless she throws a glance at you. 


10. When she talks to you and carries a natural smile on her face most of the times. 

Well, it is a definite sign that she likes you. 


11. If her nostril flares while you are talking to her. 

Nostril flaring is a rare occurrence, and it means arousal especially when you notice it multiple times.


12. She is licking and biting her lips.

Licking the upper lip and biting lips are seductive moves but licking the bottom lips could be a habituated move. 


13. If she is standing at an angle to you.

While talking to you, if she is not standing in a posture that she is not facing you directly, it means she is yet to read your character or confused. 


14. If she is standing with her legs apart.

She is trying to be assertive in her statement and wants to win her territory by any means.


15. If she is sitting beside you and her knees are pointing at you.

It means she has a liking for you.


16. If a girl acts like a child and shows her playfulness activities with you.

It could be taking your pen, tickling you, sneaking up from behind. It means she is in love with you and wants you to make a move.


17. She is not willingly laughing at your jokes and keeping an object in between you and her.

She is nervous, and when her terms come, she is going to lie. It happens for both men and women, this is one of the body languages that show a person is lying or about to lie. 


18. If what she is saying sounds rehearsed and there is inconsistency. 

She is lying to you. If she looks away often, it is fully confirmed. 


19. There are a limited facial expression and physical movement.

It means she is making up things in her mind where her energies are fully concentrated. 


20. If her forehead tightens and you see wrinkles.

If she is breathing heavily and a slight sweating is visible, she is disturbed, worried and is lying about it.


21. If a girl tilts her head while talking.

She is in the mood of flirting, and you can go ahead doing the same.

22. She is uncomfortable with your silence in between sentences.

She is worried that you are catching her lies. 


Not only these 22, there are lots of secrets of the female body which you might want to know. But for now, memorize these body languages of the ladies and whenever you talk to a girl next time, do try to find out what is going on in her mind using the above-mentioned female body language signs.





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