7 Things you should not do While She Is On Her Period

As sweet as a female is universally perceived, she can be as dangerous during the "blooded" phase of her menstrual cycle. Happening after every 28 days (ideally), every month, every year, one would want to think of it as something regular and not worth much attention.

But, it so happens that you would only see a girl succumbing to the cramps and overall weirdness happening in the abdomen. And when this happens, you want to avoid pissing her off at all costs and should pamper her to avoid mood swing. To help you out a bit, here goes a list of things that you should NOT do when she is on her period.



1. Irritate Her


Everyone knows that and you know that too. But, the catch is not to forget. Do NOT irritate her when she is chumming or you're in for some serious mood swings. No kind of annoyance works. That annoying thing that you always do to make her smile, yeah, not even that.



2. Remind Her Of Her Favorite Food


If you can't make it happen, don’t talk about her favorite foods. A Period is a miniature version of pregnancy and you know how women are when they are pregnant, irrationally and helplessly foodie. So, if it is 6 in the morning and there are no Pasta places open, just change the topic.



3. Make Fun


That's super cute if you make her laugh when she is resisting the urge of crying of cramp pain but it's gonna be super horrifying if you try and make her laugh by making fun of her. Teasing her about her bulging tummy, baldness, pimples, ooh, stay away from such conversations!



4. Talk About Emotional Stuff


Even if you are her boyfriend, you want to stay away from talking about emotional stuff. It might just be perceived as emotional crap or it may just trigger the wrong memories and nerves. If you want to save the trouble of dealing with either, don't talk emotions in the first place.



5. Suggest How She Can Deal With Cramps


You might think that you are helping her with the sweet research that you did over what can help with cramps, but oh my, talking about it when is on her periods is not a good idea at all. You want her attention to be diverted to something else and not hovering over the same.



6. Restrain Lovemaking


Although it can be tricky but lovemaking helps, it always does. You might want to start with gentle kisses on her cheek, forehead, face, lips, neck, nape of the neck, you know and if you don't know try to learn how and where to kiss? Try and follow her instincts though, you don't want to turn her off by a wrong move. Remember, she is all the more sensitive.



7. Stop Spending Time


If you think you’re being a nice guy by leaving her on her own because you’re apparently irritating her, walking away is not the solution. She needs you. She might fight and fuss but not being able to spend time is the worst that can happen. Basically, more trouble for you ahead. So, don’t stop spending time with her.



Hope this helps while you deal with her menstruation. Do put down your comments and tell us your stories and solutions around the same. Come back for more. Cheers!



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