7 Dangerous Male Fertility Killers

Male infertility is on the rise in today’s world and people are trying to find the reasons behind it as it is affecting relationships and lives across the globe. Today, we are listing down certain factors and items that are contributing to male fertility issues.

Cash receipts

It is known that almost all cash receipts that you get are surfaced with Bisphenol-A (BPA), whether you consider it or not. Hence, it can lead to setbacks associated with male fertility, as well as low sperm count.

Canned food

In this rapid and advanced life, we are provided with a huge door for canned and ready to eat food items. These storage cans are frequently surfaced with Bisphenol-A (BPA). And eventually, these BPA gets in our body structure with the food items piled in those cans. Hence, it is highly recommended to see a dietician for a healthy diet.


Did you know that the body washes, perfumed soaps, and shampoos in our bathroom hold Phthalates (chemical plasticizers)? And not just these, even the vinyl curtains in our bathroom comprises of Phthalates. This is straightly related, not just with the issues of male infertility but also to cancer, allergies, and birth shortcomings.

Adult toys

In some events, it is noticed that men find difficulties to impregnate a woman in a natural way. This perhaps happens when those men are hooked to adult toys.  And the existence of Phthalates is also detected at a higher degree in adult toys.


The existence of heavy chemicals in pesticides will badly strike the male fertility issue. You should make a point you take the most favorable preventive measures if you are dealing with these chemical substances. Also, its suggested, that you consult with your doctor for resolution before it gets too late.

Heated car or bike seats

It is believed that hot car and bike seats can lessen the sperm count that is by raising the temperature of the testicles. So it is always better for you to reconsider before you get on that hot heat, just so you can dodge further complications.

PCB contaminated fishes

PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) is still manufactured, despite the fact that it has been prohibited. But these chemical substances are still present and it frequently gets collected in fishes. Hence, it is advisable that you better try to dodge conserved or canned edible fish manufactured goods.

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