Top 10 Tallest Global Roller Coasters

Everyone loves to visit the theme park every now and then to get away from the mundane life and enjoy to the maximum. The theme parks are very popular for their roller coasters and these are only for bravehearts. Today, we are listing the top 10 tallest global roller coasters to ride on.

Steel Dragon 2000

This was started in 2000, the year of the Dragon. It’s situated in Japan and features a maximum fall of 93 meters and two tunnels. The coaster features a substantial design like a fast train.


This roller coaster and roller Banshee and Diamondback coasters were constructed by Bolliger & Mabillard solely for Kings Island. Riders fall from 300 feet tall height and are on standard acceleration equal to 3 minutes on 7 further pathways.

Kingda Ka

Kingda hits its insane high pace of 206 km/h in a short time of 3.5 seconds, which outdoes any sports bike or fast car. It began in 2005 with an entire height of 139 meters and is situated in New Jersey.

Red Force

Red Force is the beginning point of the lately opened Ferrari Land in the Spanish theme park PortAventura. The train-car design assures that ride was as speedy as the actual Formula One car.


Intimidator 305 is no less daunting. The tallest and quickest roller coaster provides an adrenaline rush at a minimum pace of 140kph. The beginning drop is 91 meters in height, and the maximum angle of plunge is 85 degrees.

Top Thrill Dragster

The ride takes a 17-second hydraulic launch to ascend. This chilling roller coaster hits an incredible pace of 190kph, in just 3.8 seconds. It started in 2003 with an entire height of 130 meters and a 120-meter fall.

Fury 325

Fury falls at an 81-degree stomach-sickening angle and the height is beyond the Statue of Liberty. It passes beneath and over the main entrance of the park. The riders go through utmost G-force and hit pace up to 153km/h.


Leviathan began in 2012 and with a high pace of 148km/h. The steel coaster has a substantial number of crazy plunges throughout its track length. It stands at a giddying height of 93 meters with an astonishing 80 degrees drop.


This roller coaster not only has soaring speed but also unites weightlessness and the experience of free plunge. It was constructed by Intamin at the end of the 1990s. You will take off like Superman, initiating up the trail at 90 degrees.

Millennium Force

Millennium has a 91 meter top plunge, which reaches a high pace of 150 km/h. When Millennium Force began in 2000, it set six global records and was the first Giga Coaster in the universe.



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