Crazy Conspiracy Theories About Chinese Coronavirus

Everyone wants to know the origin of Coronavirus. It is true that it has come from China and then it spread across the world. However, there are many conspiracy theories that show the other side of the virus. Check out them and you will definitely find them fascinating.

US Government

President Trump uses to crown the winner on some beauty pageants. Scientist says the virus was named after its crown-like shape. Russian news network presenter firstly claimed that the US created Chinese Coronavirus. He also added that the US might have created it so they could sell vaccines to the Chinese government.

Bill Gates

In an inquisitive twist of fortune, the Covid-19 virus showed up two months later. Just after the collaboration of Gates foundation with World Economic Forum & the John Hopkins Center. That was back in October 2019 to test how well we were prepared to deal with an epidemic.

Chinese government

These claims arose by President Xi Jingping’s statement right after the epidemic broke out. He said the safety of laboratories was a national issue. People say the virus later leaked from a lab causing epidemic.  It is the only Chinese government-owned facility capable of researching deadly viruses.

Canadian government

Theorists state that two Chinese spies stole the virus and sent it to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Canadian government created the Covid-19 virus at the National Microbiology Laboratory. Theorists said the duo was fired for stealing samples of the virus and sending it to China.

October 2019 meteorite explosion

Conspiracy theorists say the meteorite brought the Covid-19 virus from space. Dr.Dominic Sparkles adds that the Covid-19 virus most likely sprang-up here on earth. SARS and MERS originated here on earth. The three viruses SARS, MERS belong to a group of viruses called coronaviruses.

Chinese woman eating bat soup

People thought-over that humans got the virus from bats. The video of Mengyun eating the bat went viral. She could be the one who scattered the virus to other people. She was later compelled by the socialist Chinese government to apologize for eating the bat.


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