7 Types Of Love That Exist But Only A Few Can Experience

Love is a very complicated term to explain in simple words. It is best referred to as a bonding. However, it is not that simple to generalize it with a certain term. In fact, it is a combination of emotional attachment, passion, commitment, and even intimacy. American psychologist Robert Sternberg stated that there are 7 types of love possible in this world and we can’t agree more.

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Infatuation –

All of us go through a phase of infatuation where we see a beautiful girl or a handsome boy and even though you two are strangers, you cannot help but keep thinking about him/her. However, after some time, infatuation or attractive fade away and you go back to normal living. This is generally one-sided.

Liking –

Persons having common interests, viewpoints, and better understanding between the two make one another like each other. There are chances of it transforming into love at a later stage but liking generally lacks passion and commitment and therefore, it is likely to stay more of a friendship than love.

Empty Love –

It is a common love type where two people who have broken up recently start sharing each other’s story and fall in love without passion. However, it does not include intimacy to a wild extend. It is also possible when two persons in love for a long time lose interest in one another and only commitment stays without passion or emotional intimacy. It is general in a long-distance relationship.

Fatuous Love –

This is a complicated love type whereby the couple starts to treat one another as a friend mostly and the true value of love is lost. They are more into lavish lifestyles, doing duties for one another and likewise. This is common for working couples.

Romantic Love –

Most of the people consider the beginning of real love as romantic. It involves an intense passion for one another and they are equally attracted. However, it does not really involve any commitment but the level of comfort and bonding gets stronger. A romantic love phase is not long lasting.

Companionate Love –

This love has intimacy and commitment. In fact, the psychologists believe that this type of love is the longest lasting one. There are true attachments but the passion and drive may be missing. This is what married life consists of mostly.

True Love –

This is an ideal love scenario and there are certain instances where true love without any conditions do exist. The passion lasts forever, the commitment is also forever and the emotional and physical intimacy are always there.

Which of these are you in right now?

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