Strangest Books That You Have To Know To Believe

There are so many different books we come across in our lives and there must be occasions when you picked up a book and read it only to find it extremely strange. This happens the most when you visit the book stores and try to explore some new genres and titles. However, the following books have gone down in history as the strangest books of all time. Check them out and pick your interest.

Prodigiorum AC Ostentorum Chronicon

This book was written in the year 1557 and is composed of mysterious monsters stories. It also includes some the incident of comment sightings and strange beasts. It has contents about natural disasters and certain UFO.

Codex Seraphina’s

This has coded words that are not all easy to understand. This was not published until 1981. It is made of those languages that are not possible for humans to comprehend. This one of the strange book in history.

The Nag Hammadi Codices

This is a huge compilation of Christian manuscripts that was under the soil of the Egyptian desert for hundreds of years that we can compare it with the mummies of Egypt. This comprises the contents of the lives of Jesus.

The Voynich Manuscript

This is something that no one can read. It was written in the between 15th or 16th century. The author of this book is not known till date. Some of the pages of this book contain astrology and symbols of zodiac signs.

The Codex Mandoza

This book contains a detailed history of Aztec people. It includes the history of Aztec kings their way of living and lifestyles. It also includes the culture of Aztec people. This is especially for the Spanish king. This has Spanish translations for better explanations and understanding towards the people of the Spanish kingdom.

The Lucifer Principle

This is kind of advisory book and some calls it of using science in elevating evil stuff. It says evil is not a bad thing and is something that comes out of our existence. This assumes evil to be something that will be out of the world one day. It says that we all are evil and is inherited in ample aspects.

The Ripley Scroll

This is a book that has hidden meaning and composed of lots of mysterious things. This is very difficult and hard to understand. It is some type of bible books that comes with difficult lines to comprehend. George Ripley writes this.

The Satanic Scriptures

Peter Gilmore writes this book and he was a priest. This book is a compilation of a lot of essays and ideas. In this book, the writer discusses the gay marriages and satanic marriages. This book contains a large number of contents on satanic ceremonies.

The Rohonoc Codex

This book was read by an ample number of people with various background. And not even a single word of this book was decoded. This consists of words that are coded in such a way that no one can figure it out.


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