10 Great Wall Of China Facts That Are Extremely Shocking


Great Wall Of China is the longest structure that has even been built by human beings. It was a military line of defense initially and now, it has become the landmark of China. Along the Great Wall Of China, there are so many things of beauty to captivate your sights such as beaches, deserts, mountains and what not. Here are the some of the astonishing Great Wall of China facts that would amaze your mind.



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Great Wall Of China Facts



1. Myth Vs Fact




There is a common myth that the Great Wall of China is a continuous wall but it is not true. It consists of many walls and forts. Some are scattered while others are in parallel.





2. The Construction Time 




Since it is not a continuous wall, it was not built all at once. Construction started back in the 7th Century and additional walls were added till 1878. Therefore, it cannot be attributed to one dynasty. 





3. Length Of The Great Wall




The official length of the Great Wall is 21,196.18 km. The height is not uniform and the highest height is 14 meters.  The length could have been greater but archeologists say that nearly one-third of the Great Wall disappeared. 





4. Moon Myth



It is generally said that the Great Wall Of China can be seen from the Moon with the naked eye. There is no truth in it. One would need optical aids to see it just like any other big construction can be seen like that.





5. The Most Famous Section




Since the Great Wall spans over thousands of kilometers, it is not possible to watch the entire construction at one go. Badaling is the most famous section where the VIPs around the world come and visit. The walls in this places have amazing paintings and cravings.





6. Future Predictions




As already stated, already one-third of the entire wall vanished due to climatic conditions and other environmental and man-made reasons, the current predictions from the archeologists state that the north-western part of the wall will vanish in the next 20 years due to change in human land use. 





7. Construction Material




Apart from soil, bricks, stones and rocks, a creative adhesive was used as a mortar. It was a mixture of sand, cement, and a glutinous rice flour. 





8. Popularity and Outreach




The Great Wall Of China was not a popular place for a visit until early 18th century. A British painter made a perfect masterpiece painting of the Great Wall and it started to gain popularity. It was only in the 19th century that it started getting a huge number of visitors every day. It is one of UNESCO World Heritage site. 





9. The Longest Cemetery In The World?




It is said that nearly 10 lakh laborers were involved in constructing it. Some of them were forced to become laborers. Since there were not professional laborers, many lost their lives during the construction and buried within the wall. 





10. A Scary Legend




There is a very popular legend regarding The Great Wall Of China. It is said that one of the laborers was a civilian and he was forced to take up the job only three days after his marriage. His wife missed him and came to the site to visit him to discover that he died and was buried in the wall. She cried profusely that the wall cracked up and the bones of her husband came out of it. This is one of Great Wall of China facts that cannot be confirmed.



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