13 Strange and Weird Activities Our Ancestors Used to Do

People are always interested to know how ancestors used to survive in the absence of modern facilities. But there are certain secrets about our ancestors that never gets disclosed.

Do you know what our ancestors used as toilet paper? Radioactive products and heroine were considered to be normal. Do you know how they used to make a dead person look alive in photos? Real about the strangest activities our ancestors used to do that no more exist.



1. What Did They Use Instead of Toilet Paper?



Different people in the world used to use different things to clean up after getting rid of their junk. At the very early age, rock and pebbles were used. Then leaves, coconut shell, and wools become popular. Finally, pottery and cloth were used before water was chosen over them. 


2. Midnight Entertainment



In the European country, people had two phases of sleep. One was immediately after the sunset and the midnight to the morning. The in-between time period of 2-3 hours, they used to spend with neighbors. Can you imagine how those 2-3 hours used to go?


3. Reusability Of Dresses



Until the 19th century, it was more of a tradition among people to wear dresses of their elder brother and sister. The practice was popular among kids. Can you imagine how would you have looked being a boy wearing a skirt?


4. Sucking In Blood



Do you know that bloodletting was a very popular method of treating ailments until the early 20th century? In bloodletting, the blood of the infected area used to be sucked out so that the other part of the body did not get infected and it starts drying up and curing the disease. 

5. Magical Uranium



In some places, there used to be fields where people used to sit for a day and burn your wounded or infected area of the body and the disease or infection vanished miraculously. Scientists later analyzed the soil and found trances of radioactive Uranium.


6. Did You Ever Catch Your Teardrop?



A few centuries ago, it was a practice to catch tears in a bottle when the near and dear ones died so that it could measure your grief and some used to leave the bottle near the burial ground as a sign of respect. 


7. Can You Make A Dead Person Look Alive?



When the camera was invented, people got so obsessed that they wanted to take photos of the deceased ones making their dead bodies sit in a natural pose and when the photo used to come out, the photographer craftily put the eyes on the closed lids. 


8. Photoshop Used by Ancestors?


If selfie is the modern trend, headless portrait was the trend a few centuries ago. In headless portrait, a person would be seen holding his head in his head as if the head s chopped off from the neck. It looked like a work in Photoshop but it used to be developed by combining a lot of negative images. 


9. The Most Popular Sport


In the old times, it is competitive pedestrianism which used to be the only mass sports event everyone used to take place. It was more like walking marathon. 


10. Why Were People Crazy About Black Teeth?



If getting a tattoo on the body is a fashion now, getting black teeth was a viral trend back in the 16th century. It became popular as the teeth of Elizabeth I turned black due to excessive sugar consumption. Since then, everyone started to make their teeth black willingly. 


11. Buring Of Cats



Burning of cats used to be a popular source of entertainment for people in the 17th century. They used to hung a cat and set fire from below. Slowly the cat used to face a painful death shrieking and crying while people enjoyed the suffering. 


12. Alarm Girl



In the early 18th century when alarm clock was not invented, there used to be a popular service where a girl would go to the client to wake them up with their sweet voice and other gestures. You must be cursing on the inventor of the alarm clock now. 


13. Forget Aquarium, It Was Ant Farm!



20 million ant farms are sold by the inventor of ant farm Milton. Ant farm is more like aquarium except the fact the instead of fishes, ants used to be there. People found it interesting to watch the activities of ants in the enclosed glass box. 

Do you now find our ancestors to be weirder than us? What are the weired activities we do that take us one step ahead of our ancestors? Do mention in the comment section!




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