15 Unbelievable Human Beings Who Have Extra Body Parts!

How would you have reacted if you had three hands instead of two? Definitely, it would have looked awkward and you would attract everyone's attention unnecessarily. There are certain unique human beings in the world whose bodies are examples that nothing is impossible in life.

Extra fingers and conjoined twins have become acceptable but what if a person has two reproductory organs or two faces? Here are those special human beings who are unfortunate to have extra body parts. 



1. Celebrity With Five Nipples



The Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper revealed in an interview that he has five nipples. The third one is near the left nipple while the other two are on arm and leg. 


2. A Woman With Two Vaginas



YouTube superstar Cassandra Bankson is born with two vagina side by side. Doctors have revealed the are only a handful of women who have this special feature. She has revealed that she got used to it and it is not as fun as many people think. 


3. King Of Hearts



An Italian man discovered that he has two hearts when he suffered a double heart attack in 2010. Doctors confessed that he is the only the second known person to have it. 


4. Baby With Two Heads



Italian baby Manar was born with two heads which is a common case in a parasitic twin but the other head had no body attached to it. The doctors successfully performed the surgery to remove the other head. 


5. Legs From Chest



Deepak Paswan is another case of parasitic twin where the body of the other twin did not develop fully and it got attached the chest of the completely grown body. 


6. Eight Limb Girl



Many people wish they had an extra pair of limb but Lakshmi Tatma was born with eight limbs fused to her hips. It is considered to be a case of parasitic twin and doctors performed the surgery successfully to separate them out.  


7. The Only Two-Faced Human Beings



Two generally give examples of the dual face of a person but, Chinese baby Kang Kang actually has two faces due to a rare disorder. 


8. A Boy With 31 Fingers



You might have seen people with one or two extra fingers which is a common condition. But Chinese boy Hong Hong has 31 fingers, 16 in the hands and 15 in the toes. 


9. Extra Nose On Head



This is a rather man made condition where this Chinese person's original nose was totally damaged and hence, doctors decided to grow another nose on the forehead which is now the functional nose. 


10. Lady With A Horn



You might have seen many comic characters with horns on the forehead. It seems the fictional character has come true where a lady started growing a horn in the old age. She is called the Goat Woman. 


11. A Baby With Three Arms



In Indian mythology, there are many demi-Gods with four arms. Here a Pakistani baby was borns with three arms and the left side having two arms represent that of the demi-Gods in Hindu religion. 


12. Three Legs and Two Hearts



George Lippert of Germany was born with three legs. It was not causing any problem for him and it was during a medical checkup, it was found that the person has two hearts as well. 


13. A Woman With Two Uteruses



Women generally have one uterus or womb. But Hannah Kersey has two and she gave birth to triplets. There are only 70 women who have the same condition.


14. Woman With Three Breasts



Jasmine Tridevil went viral on social media when she revealed that she has three breasts. Some people insisted that they got it via surgery to get people's attention. But the test performed showed it is real. 


15. Guess The Number Of Kidney!



Brigham Nordstrom made headlines in 2009 all over the world when the doctors found that he has five kidneys and each one of them is functional. He is now a Guinness World Record holder. 

In life, extra is not always the best thing to have. Sometimes, getting exactly what you require is the most blessed things you could ask for.


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