15 Different Types Of Noses And What They Say About Personality

A study has revealed that the shape of a person's nose can reveal a lot about his personality. The nose is instrumental in defining the beauty of your face. There are over 15 types of noses that human beings have. The shape of the nose is determined by the nasal bones, lower and upper later cartilages.

A Chinese face reading technique also suggests that if you change the shape of your nose, your destiny can change. Here are 15 different types of noses and the personality traits associated with them.



Know Your Personality From Different Types Of Noses


1. Big Nose



You can identify your nose as a big nose if it has a broader tip with larger nostrils. People with big noses are leaders in life. They love to work independently, have a big ego, and hence, prefer to be their own bosses. You always have big dreams and are passionate to make it big in life. 


2. Long Nose 



Long noses are not big noses. Long noses have long nasal bone and look slightly disproportionate with the face. They are protruding from the face when you see from the sides. But just like people with big noses, they are also ambitious, leaders and always positive. But they often get into trouble never give in. 


3. Wide Nose



Wide noses are those that are wide from the very beginning and sits oddly on the face. Such people have a strong personality and have the ability to influence others easily. They have a good organizational skill and prosper in groups. 


4. Small Nose



Small noses are easy to identify as if those are not fully grown and the upper part only has the nasal bone. Such people are very social and emotional. At times, they show bad temper, but most of the times, they are sweet and cute. They are generally associated with controversies


5. Straight Nose



It does not matter whether you have a long or a short nose, if it is completely straight or at 45 degrees when you watch from the sides, you are a good person. You think logically and look attractive as well. This is why it is also called Greek nose. You are likely to inspire people, and people like to have you by their sides. 


6. Turned-Up Nose



If you look from the side of the face, you will see that the tip of the nose is turned up and the base is curved up. Such people are optimistic, supportive and loving but they generally fail to make it big in life though they are happy with whatever they have.


7. Hooked Nose



Hooked noses are opposite of turned up noses where the nose form a shape of a hook as the tip is pointing downwards. Such people always want attention and respect from others. But they follow their own path and do something different


8. Fleshy Nose



It is the most common type of noses found, and the root is narrow but the overall shape is more like expanding. Such people react quickly. They are sharp and clever. They are very aggressive and caring about family members.


9. Roman Nose



Roman noses are those that have an outward curve in the middle part. Such people are headstrong. They are not open to suggestion and sometimes get into trouble but find their own way out.


10. The Duchess Nose



This is the most beautiful nose to have, and actresses surgically try to get them. They look flawless and goes perfectly with a human face. Such people are creative but impulsive. They like to cheer others and support them


11. The Rumpole Nose



These are very fleshy noses and insanely broad at the base. They look very bulky and such people are fully materialistic and energetic. They are very rare cases. 


12. Celestial Nose



This type of noses are upturned, and the nasal cavity is widely visible as if the lower part is surgically cut. These people can be prone to depression, They have an enormous sexual appetite, and hence, their relationships do not last long. 


13. Nubian Nose



When the nose is long and has a broad base like that of Obama, they are creative and open-minded. They are expressive and emotional


14. Snub Nose



The shape is slightly upwards but not like turned up. They get into multiple relationships and hungry for love and sex. They love to experiment and are full of energy.


15. The Wavy Nose



The nasal bone gets wavy in the middle part. They are generally the happiest people on Earth in spite of the fact that their nose looks odd on their faces. They have medium ambitions, but they are rebellious. They don't care what others say about them. 

Go in front of a mirror and turn side ways and see which type of nose you have and whether the personality traits match correctly.




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