10 Controversies of 2016 from the stars of Bollywood. 1st One is Shocking !!

Controversies and Bollywood stars go hand in hand. Be it Shahrukh, Salman, Deepika or Radhika Apte we have a horde of controversies clamouring for attention. So, sit on your couch as we present before you some real controversies unnerving people at large.




1. Go Nude


Who else can start the shocker as our very dear Radhika Apte showed her nude photos all over the internet and guys who is complaining.



2. Salman Khan 


Now Mr. Khan has a new feeling, during the shooting of the famous akhada scene in the movie sultan Salman felt like a raped woman every time he walked into the set in his underwear. Do you any idea Mr khan what bullshit you are talking about.



3. Cleavage of Deepika


A national paper showed Deepika’s cleavage and the star retaliated by saying hey I am a woman and I have breast and cleavage too. Do you have a problem?



4. Ness gets into Mess 


Actress Preity Zinta left the nation shocked when she accused her ex-beau Ness Wadia of intimidating and ill-treating her at Wankhede Stadium during an IPL match. Poor Ness he is quite in a mess.



5. Your wife mine too 


 Arjun Rampal had his hands full when he played into the hands of his wife and girlfriend or special friend Susanne’s (Hrithik Roshan’s wife). Who said a friend’s wife can’t be yours, watch Arjun Rampal.



6. My mail, your mail


Kangana and Hrithik Roshan’s failed affair blew the country’s peace away as they played dirty by exposing each other’s private emails in public. Talking about stardom, but at what cost?



7. S*x for sale 


 Shewta Prasad Basu the famous child artist of the movie Makkadi got into prostitution and caught red-handed by the local police in Chennai.



8. Skimpy clothes and get slapped


Gauhar Khan got slapped by Akil Malik, during a television show at Film city. Reason is very simple the Muslim actress is charged of provocating youths by wearing skimpy clothes; hence she was slapped by the accused.


9. Alia’s General Knowledge


Poor Alia Bhatt every time she is questioned about general knowledge she fails miserably. The actress has plenty of times answered stupidly to vital questions. Poor, girl no brains at all, what say Indian Press?



10. Yo Yo Honey Drunkard Singh 


Honey singh disappeared from his  own  musical career due to severe addiction to Alcohol. He was later treated for his aliment..


So, as these celebrities created quite a stir the movie buff enjoyed their meaningless scandals more.


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