17 Dank SpongeBob Memes to Give You a Good Laugh


SpongeBob was everyone's favorite cartoon in the 1990s. Be it a kid who went to kindergarten or an adult who wanted to chill on the weekends. It was such a huge hit, that actual research from scientists that proved (not conclusively) that it caused kids to grow dumber, didn't bring its popularity down.

There were SpongeBob quotes that people loved and now we have SpongeBob memes that all of us, Bikini Bottom lovers are bound to love. Also, ever since the "Mocking SpongeBob Meme" made its way onto the internet there has been an exponential rise in these SpongBob memes. Check out our rib-tickling collection below.



Check out These Funny Dank SpongeBob Memes


1. Complaint about MMO games?


All those who have played multiplayer games can totally relate to this dank meme from under the sea!



2. College students unite


This is exactly what college is all about. Enriching your mind with knowledge and pushing you to bankruptcy.



3. The final barrier


That devastating moment when she outright says "NO", that too after your 7-hour long preparation.



4. One SpongeBob meme for the introverts 


It is only when your strengths are being put to test in public that introverts feel the pressure and urge to just go out there, and well, stink up the place!



5. The first impression isn't really the best impression 



Because obviously, you have got to start slow and then once you get tp know them, you can sow them your wild side.



6. That awkward moment in the bathroom



This representation of Mrs. Puff is as accurate as it gets. You are trying to hide but you just aren't able to hold on to that huge build up of gas inside of you anymore.



7. Only the ones who have loads of the green stuff can say this


Obviously, what do they know, the poor little friends and family who come running to you when they need some cash.



8. The accidental front cam opening


That terrible moment when you accidentally push the front cam button and you lose all hopes of getting a spouse.



9. The fish is real and so are you, yay!


You go and you show them that it is all real.



10. It's gonna get out, anyway


I mean, you just can't keep a dank joke inside, just like how you just can't keep a dank set of memes like this under covers.



11. Has this happened before


Who better than Plankton showing you the expression you have when that strange girl reaching out to your wiener.



12. The old school trick


We all have tried to look into our bags, pretending to fetch that assignment that we didn't so much as to take it out and put on our desks.



13. That fateful moment


The first rule of watching porn is that you clear the history afterward, next comes not sharing your laptop with anyone.



14. The social network woes 


Remember the time when you thought that selfie was a real chick magnet and you thought you could regain your superstardom that you never had and failed?



15. That awkward moment at school


Especially if the teacher is someone who is either very hot or someone who looks like they bathe every once in 3 months.



16. Every high school/college student ever


That overnight slog fest you hold every single semester, right after you have a panic attack about failing miserably in life.



17. Medicines are the worst tasting


If chemicals like tablets that save life taste so bad, imagine the drugs that actually kill you, how do they taste, and people get addicted to them? What is wrong with the world?



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