30 Silly yet Extremely Hilarious knock knock jokes!


Anyone who enjoys comedy and silly fun would've surely heard of knock knock jokes! They are an integral part of anyone's comic routine. The jokes start off with the teller saying "knock knock" and the other person goes "who's there?". The teller then says a surname and the other person unsuspectingly asks "[surname] who?" and then the teller finishes it off with a rib-tickling pun involving the "surname" he had just told.


These jokes were first heard of during the early nineteen hundreds (the 1900s). People have loved these jokes so much that kids in preschools in the USA are made to learn the 'formula' for these jokes so that they can make knock-knock jokes of their own! And we hope you enjoy this bundle of knock-knock jokes from various different sources below!




The jokes go like this:


Knock Knock

Whos' there?


And then the jokes continue with the responses from below:



1. The cow mooing joke 


Cow says.

A cow says who?

No, silly a cow says mooooo!


2. The one that makes them sneeze



Etch who?

Sorry, do you have a cold?


3. Not the real Robin Hood



Robin who?

Robin you, now give me your wallet.


4. The one where they smell their own poo


I smell mop.

I smell mop who?

Ew, disgusting.


5. The weeping Mary kinda joke



Boo who?

Now, now don't cry, it’s just a joke.


6. That stupid stopwatch reference



Stopwatch who?

Stopwatch you’re doing and help me out!


7. When the vegetable became a codeword to let someone in



Lettuce who?

Lettuce in, it’s cold out here, you monster!


8. Another neat way of saying that you love someone



Olive who?

Olive you too.


9. The silly reference to "electricity"



Alec who?

Alec-Tricity. Aren't you shocked? 


10. When someone ran all the way 



Iran who?

Iran all the way here. Give me some water!



11. The perfect knock-knock joke that ends with 'who'



Says who?

Says me, that’s who.


12. When a needle becomes the perfect request to someone



Needle who?

Needle little help gettin’ through to you.


13. When Thermos becomes a way to get out of the place



Thermos who?

Thermos be a better way to get out of here.


14. When the number twelve becomes a "doesn't"



Dozen who?

Dozen anyone wanna let me in?


15. When your nanna is a grumpy old hag



Nanna who?

Nanna your business, keep moving.


16. You could literally own this one, cause the knock-knock jokes rarely have a point


A broken pencil.

A broken pencil who?

Nevermind it's pointless anyway.


17. The one where anyone can become a yodeling expert


 Little old lady.

Little old lady who?

Oh nice, yodeling there. 


18. When "Police" sounds close to please in your accent



Police who?

Police hurry up, you're gonna make me miss the show.


19. A great way to make an emotional situation lighter


Will you promise to never forget me?


Are you sure?


Knock Knock

Who's there?

See, you already forgot me!


20. When the name "Iva" sounds like "I have a"



Iva who? 

I’ve a sore arm from knocking on your door!



21. Acknowledging the fact that you have fallen for knock-knock jokes every single time



Avenue who? 

Avenue fallen for this nice trick before? 


22. Careful, don't use this one on someone you just met! LOL



Buster who?

Bester cherry, now where's your daughter?


23. Turing the tables and making them look stupid


OK, I know this awesome knock-knock joke.

Sure, tell me.

OK, so you start.

OK, knock knock.

Who's there?


24. When your scream becomes an ice scream


I scream.

I scream who?

I scream is all you need on a hot day.


25. When the words "Fix that damn doorbell" just won't suffice



Figs who?

Figs your bloody doorbell cause it's broken from ages.


26. Cut them off in the middle of the joke and go bam!




No, opportunity never knocks twice silly. 


27. A cute little knock-knock routine



Amish who?

Aww, you sweetie, I miss you too.


28. When someone is running late and then come in just before it begins



Justin who?

Justin time you are, for the show.


29. Works only when girls do this to guys, unfortunately.


Ice cream.

Ice cream who?

Ice scream if you don't hand me all your money.


30. That moment when you feel like bringing doctor who to your conversation



Doctor who?

Yeah, that's a great show innit?



That ends our hilarious list of Knock-Knock jokes. We hope you have had a fun time reading these silly little routines. Let us know what you think of them in the comments and reaction sections below.


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