20 Best Islamic Wall Art That Are Timeless


Islamic art describes the artistic traditions that have been flourishing since the 7th century in different parts of the world. Islamic art can be divided into three verticals – Islamic architecture, Islamic object art and Islamic wall art. The diversity in Islamic wall art is huge due to their presence in different parts of the world and hence, diverse influence in artistic expressions.

There were two types of Islamic wall art – the one found in Mosques and the other of palaces and courts of kings and sultans. Islamic wall art is based on four concepts – calligraphy, geometric design, floral design and animal figures including humans. The geometric designs are repeated over and over again until it gets into infinity viewpoint. The following are some of the best Islamic wall art you can ever find.



Check Out Phenomenal Islamic Wall Arts


Islamic Wall Paintings

1. Mashallah Teal Silver Brown Art



It is a combination of 3 oil painting on a canvas and is perfect for living room. It is a supreme combination of modern and retro Islamic art tradition. 


2. Islamic Light On A Serene Night



It is a combination of 5 oil painting and tailor-made for the bedroom. It has a spiritual connection with the symbolic Islamic background and the light of knowledge.


3. All Hearing and All Knowing Canvas Wall Painting



This is a beautiful culmination of Islamic architecture and calligraphy. It contains two names of Allah which signify his omnipresent and knowledge of creation. 


4. Vintage Arabian Nights



This is one of the most iconic wall painting in Islamic culture. It shows the medieval Islam period and Persian folklore artwork. 


5. The Explosion Of Colors


This is a perfect modern combination of the colors in Islamic culture and has Arabic calligraphy.


6. The Great Mosque Of Mecca


It is considered to be the most spiritual place in the Islamic culture across the world. This 5 pieces of modern oil painting are beyond any description and will grace the beauty of the room.


7. The Seven Wonders Of The World



This is one of the most popular handmade painting in the Islam culture which showcases the seven Mosques around the world. It also portrays vividly some of the wall decorations and carpet designs prevalent in the ancient world. 

8. Allah Is Beautiful Canvas



It is a retro painting containing stale color with a message Allah is beautiful. It is said to be a timeless painting signified by the use of retro color combination which has certain fading effects. 


9. Vibrant Contemporary Multicolor Watercolor Painting



This is very modern and a masterpiece of color combination with Kufic script that reads Bismillah – In The Name Of Allah. 


10. Islamic Wall Painting WIth Geometric Designs



It is a modern approach to painting wall directly with different colors of paints using different sizes of triangles and polygons. 



Islamic Wall Decors

11. Islamic Calligraphy Bismillah Wall Decor Sticker



This is meant o be placed in the praying room of the Muslims. Bismillah means 'in the name of Allah'. It is best for pasting on pillars or any raised structure. 

12. Islamic Decal Calligraphy Wall Art



This is an alternative glorified version of the previous calligraphy wall art for the living room. It is considered auspicious, and the calligraphic design is unique and exuberant


13. Islamic Single Calligraphy  Wall Art



This one can be on the door or raised structure on the wall or even on the top of wall TV. It has a certain spark, and it considered to motivate people.


14. Islamic Vinyl Swirl Pattern Wall Art



This is a great example of how geometric patterns are used to create infinite viewpoint illusion. It is great for ceilings and is said to have the power to help people sleep peacefully watching it as well as go into a deep meditation. 


15. Islamic Qursi Quran Kufi 786 Wall Art



This looks like the modern QR code, but this is another prime of geometric pattern vanishing into infinite. It is more like a maze and best for study room. 



16. Handcrafted 99 Names of Allah – Calligraphy



This is an exquisite beauty to have on any wall, and the auspicious 99 names of Allah in calligraphic form makes it all the more beautiful. It is best suited in prayer room. 


17. Islamic Wall Decor With 3 Frames Of Allah Names



It has the calligraphy form showcasing three different names of Allah – Alhamdulillah, Subhan Allah, and Allah Akbar. It can be kept hanging on the wall or even seated on wooden structures. 


18. Islamic Calligraphy Henna Art



This serves the purpose of having calligraphy, motivation quote, the color combination of the past and the modern Islamic designs. 


19. Islamic Photo Frame Wall Decor



A collection of photo frames on the wall is the modern trend, and it is a combination of calligraphic work along with a geometric structure for which ISlamic art is popular. 


20. Islamic Wedding Wall Decor 



The floral design is one of the four popular objects of wall art in Islamic culture. This floral design is perfect for creating the best wedding ambiance. 


It does not matter what your religion is, Islamic wall art is something you will definitely end up appreciating just like every Islamic architecture we see around us.



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