People Famous For Doing Things They Didn’t Do

There are many occasions when we credit the wrong people for certain inventions and this is true for even some of the great inventors of the past. Today, we are revealing the names of certain very famous personalities who have got fame for certain things that most people think that they did them but the reality is different. Check them out and discover the flaw in your general knowledge.

1. Alexander Fleming And Antibiotic Properties Of Mold

We all know that Sir Alexander Fleming has discovered Penicillin from the mold Penicillium which eventually transformed the medical history of all times. But it’s very shocking to note that a lesser famous Italian scientist, Vincenzo Tiberio actually studied about the antibacterial benefits of Penicillium years earlier than Sir Alexander Fleming. But his huge discovery had been overlooked for years.


2. Hamlet And William Shakespeare

Hamlet has always been one of the great tragedies of William Shakespeare. The enigmatic plot, brilliant uses of irony and above all, the spine-chilling dialogues showcase his mastery. But there is a Danish historian, Saxo Grammaticus who wrote a Norse legend named Amleth which is so similar to Hamlet regarding the plot that can’t be a coincidence. It’s even possible that Thomas Kyd’s play Ur-Hamlet influenced Shakespeare to write his masterpiece but the fact that Ur-Hamlet was based on Amleth, requires attention. So actually Hamlet’s plot is not an original by Shakespeare.


3. Christopher Columbus And The Earth Was Round

We all know that Christopher Columbus actually proved the conception of the earth being flat wrong after sailing west to Asia. But this is actually not true as Aristotle and other scientists proved long ago that earth is round.


4. Michael Jackson And The Moonwalk

The entire world of pop music and dance went mad when the king of pop, Michael Jackson performed his first moonwalk. But he did not invent the step. The step was known as backslide and performed by a tap dancer Bill Bailey much earlier. The contribution of Michael Jackson lies in making the step famous.


5. Eve Did Not Eat An Apple In The Book Of Genesis

The famous of all the Bible’s stories, the first sin of man is not actually committed by eating and apple. Genesis depicts that God is telling Adam and Eve to have any fruit with seeds. This misconception of apple came forth because of a mere translation.


6. Joseph-Ignace Guillotin And The Guillotine

Another shocking history lies in the story of how guillotine was named after a person who was an adversary of capital punishment. During 1789, Joseph-Ignace Guillotin made a proposal to the French National Assembly to adopt a more considerate and benevolent way of killing. Then surgeon Antoine Louis came up with the design and finally Tobias Schmidt created the first prototype which Joseph-Ignace Guillotin opposed. Because of his strong disapproval, Joseph’s title has been given to the famous killing machine of all times, Guillotine.

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