Top Most Bizarre Mysteries of The Sea

They say that there is no depth of the sea and there is also no end to the mysteries related to the sea. There are so many mysteries involved regarding various seas across the world and most of the scientists are yet working on them to reveal the truth. Here is the list of the bizarre mysteries of the sea that will blow your mind.

1. Devil’s Sea

When it comes to mysterious ship disappearances, there’s not only Bermuda Triangle on the list. In Japan’s corner, a place named the Devil’s Sea is responsible for vanishing a huge number of ships. In between a period of four years, nine freighters got disappeared without leaving a single trace behind. Many more ships vanished into thin air after that too. But simultaneously, there are other beliefs opposing the enigmatic side of the place.


2. The Yonaguni “Monument”

In 1986, a marine geologist Masaaki Kimura claimed to discover a massive man-made rock structure in the depths of Japan’s Ryukyu island. He stated that the complex formation wasn’t made by sandstones with its pyramids, castles and roads, a part of a whole civilization. This discovery and the research further took the name of the Yonaguni Monument which in Kimura’s words, was the ruins of the Lost Continent of Mu. However, many a scientist debated against his claim and stated the gigantic formation being completely natural.


3. The Milky Sea Effect

The milky sea effect is both bizarre and beautiful. It happens when a huge area of the sea glows in an enigmatic light. This takes place in a really broad area and is enough to cast a spell on anyone.


4. The Submarine Disappearances of 1968

The year 1968 was noted for some bizarre submarine disappearances in four different countries. The first was the Israeli INS Dakar which was vanished from the Mediterranean Sea and just after two days, another evaporated in the same area, French Minerve with a crew of fifty-two people. After two months of these incidents, the Soviet nuclear sub-K-129 vanished in the Pacific and nuclear USS Scorpion went permanently down in the North Atlantic sea in May. No satisfactory reason was found behind these strange happenings yet.


5. The Immortal Jellyfish

It’s astonishing to note that a special kind of jellyfish can actually heal its damaged cells and bring them back to new whenever it is coming near to an end. So, this type of jellyfish named Turritopsis Dohrnii can actually be what is claims, immortal.


6. Vanishing White Sharks

Though it sounds completely out of the world, it’s a proven fact now. In 2014, it was discovered that a shark with a research tag gained by massive temperature rise in the depths of water which was only possible if attacked. Then, it was assumed that the shark might have been attacked by an orca which is quite terrifying.

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