Top Most Costly Houses In The World

Buying a house is a dream of most people. There are different sizes and designs of houses available worldwide. There is no limit to the price of houses. However, there are some houses in the world that are buying 99% of people’s budget. Here is the list of the most costly houses in the world.

Ellison Estate

Larry Ellison is the owner and is worth $200 million. The mansion is situated in Woodside, California and projected and built by Paul Driscoll. Larison’s properties comprise numerous homes in Silicon Valley, Lake Tahoe, and 98% of the Hawaian Lanai Island. The apartment includes three cottages.

220 Central Park South Penthouse

Ken Griffin bought the 24,000 square foot penthouses neglecting New York’s Central Park for $238 million.The house is worth $238 million. Robert A.M.Stern projected the building. The 79-story tall skyscraper is unparallel and discreet equated to other buildings in Manhatten. The structure has plenty of lavish facilities.

Four Fairfield Pond

This is one of the largest uptown complexes in the United States. Its value is $248 million and situated in Sagaponack, New York. Ira Rennert is the owner of Fairfield pond. The place also has a leisure marquee and a basketball courtyard, gym, 2 bowling alleys, two tennis courts.

Palais Bulles

Pierre Cardin is the owner and situated in France with a value of $335 million. It is located by the seafront manor, with 3 pools, gardens and an amphi theater on the hillside grounds. Pierre also uses his stunning venue for bountiful parties and occasions.

Odeon Tower Penthouse

The magnificent penthouse is situated in Monaco and worth $400 million and yet to be sold. It sets over the sapphire waters of the Mediterranean. The Tour Odeon Sky Penthouse carries deluxe bountiful living to latest standards. It’s the second tallest structure on the European Mediterranean shoreline.


Audrey Guryev is the owner of Witanhurst with a value of $450 million and situated in London, U.K. Witanhurst has a full interior area of around 90, 000 square feet with 25 bedroom mansion. It has a basement with massage rooms, a gym, and an Olympic sized swimming pool.

Villa Les Cedres

Rinat Akhmetov is the owner. The mansion value is $450 million and situated in Saint Martin Vesubie, France. Les Cedres was earlier functioned as an olive tree farm before the mansion was constructed in 1830.This palatial home has a gorgeous ballroom and stables with up to 30 horses.


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