These Heart-Melting Stories Of Special Kids Will Inspire You To The Core!


There are many of us who are always complaining about our life and luck. We are never satisfied with what we have and we always feel deprived even when we have so much around us. But today, your point of view about your miserable state of life can change forever once you read the following inspiration stories about some special kids who never complained even though they are truly deprived of a normal lifestyle.




1. Charlotte Garside




She is a patient of extreme dwarfism and it made her size like a doll with merely two pounds of weight. She wears doll's clothes and yet she has a smile on her face.





2. Ben Underwood 




He suffered from retina cancer and had to operate out his eyeballs. He accepted life as it came and he became the inventor of echolocation by human beings and he used it to identify any object. Life is a series of challenges, it is up to you whether you face them or you complain.





3. Johncris Carl Quirante




 He is a patient of an extreme case of abnormal growth of teeth. He had almost 150 teeth when he was a kid, and at present, it has cross 300 marks. 





4. Pan Xianhang 




He is the popular fish boy. He suffers from extreme drying of skin cells and his skin cells have become like the scales on a fish. It itches every second and pain a lot.





5. Shiloh Pepin




She is the popular Mermaid kid. Both of her legs are fused into one and it goes up to the waist. Unfortunately, she suffered from Pneumonia and died with a smiling face.





6. Tessa Evans 




She is truly a miracle. She has no nose to breathe. Instead, she had to be operated to fit a tube in her throat for breathing through her mouth. 





7. Hyomyung Shin




He suffers from extreme slow aging. Even though he is 26, he looks like a baby and his voice is also like a kid. No wonders why he gets bullied yet he is happy with his state.





8. Bayezid Hossain




Unlike Hyomyung Shin, Bayezid suffers from extremely fast aging. It is said that he ages at a rate of 9 times faster than a human being and even though he is 10, he looks like an old man of the age 90. 


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