7 Dangerous Manmade Disasters That Nobody Saw Coming

Disaster is a word we use very casually in our general conversation. But the word is no less than a coma in comparison. When we take about disasters, we generally refer to natural ones like Tsunami, earthquake, flood which are quite common. However, there are some manmade disasters too and they are even more horrible than you can imagine.

Hill Explosion of Arsenal

There was a conference in Salt Lake City when lots of people were there for a conference of Mormon church. There were two young boys who tending cattle on the hill where there was store if arms and ammunition. Both of these boys were taking pot shots at a flock of geese that were flying above their head. Many Kilograms of gun powder and explosives was blasted and both of them were no more.

Molasses Flood

It was in the year 1919 this incident took place. It happened when a big tank filled with molasses creak and groan. There were few people who reported the problem but officials were helpless. The tank blasted off and the full area was flooded.  In this incident, nearly 21 people lost their lives and many were injured. The harbor was turned into brown color.

Johnstown Dam Disaster

This incident happened in the year 1876 when few members if a club set up a lodge for their luxurious activities of their members like hunting and fishing trips. While they were busy in their activities they forgot to update about the condition of the eastern dam. There was heavy rain for two days that resulted in bursting of the dam that affected lots of lives and animals.

Oil Spill of Exxon Valdez

Prince William Sound and the land surrounding that area is home to many species and aquatic animals. In the year 1989, an oil tanker named Exxon Valdez blasted and spilled the oil all around. There was a flow of crude oil affecting large numbers of aquatic life. There were many volunteers for the rescue operation.

Beer Tsunami of London

Beer is in one of the best drink all over the world. In the year In order to attract tourists, they started building large beer vats which contained large barrels of beers. Very soon one of the beer vats burst and a tall wave of beer was visible in the crash street which is one of the poorest areas in London. Ample numbers of citizens went with the flow of flood.

Train Collision in Nashville

This is one of the worst train accidents in history. This incident happened in Nashville, Tennessee when a train engineer gave the wrong single to a train that runs in in one track. One train that was heading to Memphis and the engineer notices that the other train coming from the opposite direction is not yet in the station.

Chemical Disaster of Bhopal

Methyl is harmful to humans which are useful in making pesticides. In the year 1984, the worst industrial accident happened. A harmful chemical reaction went up to the sky leaking poisonous gas. At that time when the incident happened most of the people residing there was asleep. This incident recorded casualty of thousands of deaths.




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