7 Astonishing Drawbacks Of High Level Of Intelligence

We think that having high intelligence is a blessing but with every blessing, there are certain drawbacks. If you are a person with high IQ and most of the people around you and even you consider yourself highly intelligent, you should be aware of the drawbacks you might have in disguise. This is not to discourage you but to let you know the weaknesses you might just possess.

Less Intimacy

Smart people are likely to have less physical intimacy at the adolescence age. There are many smart students who believe in getting a good degree in the future and having a successful life without any doubt. These are the ones who are having less chance of getting into intimate activities at a young age.

Ample mental problems

There’s no doubt that people in our society expects a lot from those people who are having a high level of intelligence. In the other hand, it seems that many studies find physiological disorders is most prevent in intelligent people. They say that people of higher intelligence result in a hyper body and reacts to a situation in a severe way than the usual ones.

Bad social relations

It is evident that as people grow older their young friends seem to vanish. It is surprising to know that intelligent people seem to have a troubling relationship with their friend during adulthood with respect to others. In a study, they find that intelligent people are worst in managing their friend circle at a young age.

Less financial responsible

Managing financial responsibility is a big responsibility in everyone’s life. There are many rich people who tell you about saving the money which you have earned. In a study, they find people who are having a higher level of intelligence are less capable of managing their finance as compared to those who are less intelligent.

Confronting their biases

Whenever we start talking about falls belief we often think that fewer intelligent people believe it.  We think that people with a higher level of intelligence do not believe that but it is the opposite. People with higher intelligence do not agree to the point when their counterpart disagrees with them with facts.

Getting into abuse substances

As we all know getting into drug abuse is a serious concern. It seems that there’s less chance for intelligent people to get into such activities. That is not the case here, research proves that intelligent people have the maximum chances of getting into drugs than the less intelligent people.

Getting into gambling

There are many people who fall into the trap of gambling into daily life which is normal. In a study, they find that people with a higher level of intelligence has the maximum chance of getting into the fallacy of gamblings than less intelligent people. It is not easy to understand but it’s a proven fact.




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