35 Yo Mama Jokes That Are So Insulting That You Will Cry Laughing

When someone wants to insult a person to the greatest extent, he uses the reference of his or her parents because no one can accept the insult of their parents. On the other hand, insult is the greatest weapon to make the funniest jokes in the world. "

"Your mother" or yo mama jokes are funny insults that are popular worldwide. They are based on her obesity, poor physical appearance, old age, race, poor condition and lifestyle, stupidity and anything and anything you can think of. The following are the best yo mama jokes that will make you laugh out loud. 



Yo Mama Jokes On Physical Appearance



1. Yo mama is so fat that when she sat on the beach, the whale swam up and said "welcome to the family".

Unfortunately, she could not join as she could not stand until a giant forklift was brought to lift her. 


2. Yo momma is so ugly that she will definitely win miss universe title if they had one for ugliest women. 

That is exactly why we don't have the title because everyone knows who would be the winner. 


3. Yo mama is so fat that I took a selfie with her on her birthday party and it is still printing.

Let's not talk about how much time it would take to upload the photo!


4. Yo mama is so fat that when someone prays to God to show them light in life, God asks yo mama to get out of the way. 

Next time, you can pray to yo mama directly rather than burning a candle.


5. Yo mama is so ugly that Government is planning on move Halloween day to her birthday.

And she won't need any costume for scaring people. 



6. Yo mama is so fat that she has no internet connection because she herself is worldwide.

Even Google gave up to create a map on her!


7. Yo mama is so fat that when she goes out in a yellow raincoat, people misunderstand her as a Taxi. 

Next time, go out in red, people would think it as a post box. 


8. Yo mama is so hairy that the trees around her get jealous.

She can even pull a truck with the hair on her body. 


9. Yo mamma is so fat that when she sits on iPhone, she makes it iPad.

She can even turn iPad into Plasma TV. 


10. Yo momma is so ugly that your dad prefers to use a helmet to kiss her.

Let us trend it worldwide. #helmetkiss.


11. Yo mama's teeth are so yellow that she can use it as butter. 

She can manufacture butter for an entire city. 


12. Yo mama is so ugly that when she goes to a night party, owners pay her to go back home.

That's a great way to earn money without doing anything. 


13. Yo momma is so black that when I checked out her profile picture, I thought my computer went dead. 

Even the photo filtering app fail to rectify her.


14. Yo mama is so black that she could not attend night classes.

Not sure if she could attend day classes as well because she would have scared the shit out of the teacher. 


Yo Mama Full Insult Jokes



15. Yo mama is so stupid that when a thief broke into her house, she dialed 911 on her microoven

Maybe she thought, guests have come. 


16. Yo mama is so stupid that she carries a ruler in the rail station to measure how long she has to wait for the next train.

That is the height of stupidity that can cause a trainwreck. 


17. Yo mama is so ugly that when she goes to take a bath, shower water gets scared.

Even water needs to bath itself to shake off the ugliness they get from her. 



18. Yo mama is so dirty that when she laughs, traffic slows down as her teeth are the deep yellow.

If she becomes a traffic controller, she needs to zip her lip. 


19. Yo momma is so dumb that when the judge said 'Order!', she said 'Hotdog and chicken burger!"

And the judge gave judgment against her without a second thought. 


20. Yo mama is so big that the scientists wait for her to fart to send satellites into orbit.

Yo mama better be an astronaut and travel the universe. 



21. Yo mama is so ugly that every time she checks herself in the mirror, it cracks. 

Don't even try to give her your smartphone to take a selfie. 


22. Yo mama is so dumb that when she got ill, she tried to make an appointment with Dr.Dre(singer).

After that, Dr.Dre gave up singing in depression. 


23. Yo mama is so dumb that when the computer showed the message 'Press Any Key', she started finding 'Any' key on her keyboard. 

The keyboard went dead forever. 


24. Yo momma is so stupid that she tried to steal the items she bought from the store.

She had good intentions. She deserves a medal. 


25. Yo mama's cooking is so bad that even dogs give it back.

She should open a restaurant!


25. Yo mama is so dumb that when a person said that she lost her mind, she panicked and started looking for it.

That is a great sign of innocence overloaded.


26. Yo mama is so stupid that she uses airbags to prevent her computer from crashing.

Precaution is better than cure only if it is appropriate. 


27. Yo mama is so dirty that when she goes into a shop, shopkeeper shows her all kinds of soaps first.

She would need a soap factory. 


Yo Mama Dirty Jokes



27. Yo mama is so fat that her breast reaches home 10 minutes earlier than her face.

Don't know how yo dad handles it. 


28. Yo mama smells so bad that her bathing water can be used for chemical war.

What a great national treasure to preserve. 


29. Yo mama is so stupid that she puts a power bank in her ass when she is tired.

That is how you make your device worth every penny. 


30. Yo mama is so large that when she twerks, the earthquake is inevitable. 

Man-made disaster!



31. Yo mama is so large that she needs a bamboo down her hole to pleasure her.

Even the person with the largest male organ will be humiliated. 


32. Yo mama is so dumb that when a person asked her for a job, she gave a blow-job.

Forget your girlfriend and go to her now. 


33. Yo mama is so dumb that your dad asks her to give a head, she smashed his head with hers.

This is why yo dad is always frustrated and depressed. Get him a girl!


34. Yo mama is so dirty that every time she takes a dip in the swimming pool, she loses some weight.

She started the idea of gyming in swimming pool.


35. Yo mama is so dirty that her shits are happy to come out of her body.

That is really nasty!

Do ahead and share these hilarious insulting jokes with your friends. Next time you want to insult your friends casually, try them out and laugh out loud. 



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