The 3 Reigning Playboy-Kings of Instagram that you Need to Know


Instagram is the place to be if you have something to show. While most people try to showcase their beauty, ripped abs or even High Definition pictures of the food they're about to have, we have the three big stars of Instagram, who probably have just one goal in mind – "Make the rest of us hate our lives"


While the undisputed King is still Dan Bilzerian, with a massive following that doesn't look like it's gonna be bettered any time soon, there have been two more that have been creating ripples on the photo sharing site. One of them is a Tobacco magnate from Australia, Travers Beynon, who intends to create his own version of the Playboy mansion and the other is a man from Iran based off of Los Angeles, Tony Toutouni, a self-made millionaire and a good friend of Dan Bilzerian.



1. Dan Bilzerian




Dan B as he is called sometimes has made a mean name for himself on the photo-sharing website, for his penchant for showing off his ripped body, always, ALWAYS surrounded by stunning models who have lesser clothes – than the poor kids in Africa – on them, big-ass guns and exotic rides, and not to mention his luscious beard that women all over the world drool over! 



What we see on his Instagram:

  • Ripped body
  • Money-shots
  • Nearly naked beach bodied girls 
  • Love for guns


Depth of his pockets


Net worth: $150 Million


We see a lot of his money floating around, sometimes around his cat, Smushball. That is how much money this guy has and is making. He claims to have made his money by playing poker but was recently alleged by a poker analyst to be a fraud and is said to have inherited the money from his father, a businessman who was convicted of several counts of fraud.





This is the main reason, Dan's popularity spread like wildfire. All of his pics, well most of them have naked (almost) chicks surrounding him, doing all sorts of crazy stuff ranging from just lying flat with them butt-naked to partying without a care in the world, also naked.




Rides, Guns & Ammo


Dan is known for his exotic list of rides that range from a 1995 Shelby Cobra (chrome-plated)  to a Lamborghini Aventador that spells "MR GOAT" as a tribute to his pet goat, Zeus, and his yachts. In addition, he has several private jets, which he often uses to fly to whatever destination pleases him and guns, of all sizes and shapes



2. Travers Beynon




Another self-styled Instagram king is Mr. Travers Beynon aka the Candyman. He was an Australian Football League player, a model and now is a managing director of FreeChoice Tobacco. What he intends to do is give Dan B a run for his money, from the down under, as he also wants to create an Australian Playboy mansion on the Gold Coast.



What we see on his Instagram:


  • Suits
  • Bikini girls & his WIFE!
  • Exotic rides


Depth of his pockets


Net worth: $39 Million


The Candyman is the son of Trevor and Sandra Beynon, the couple who founded the Freechoice Tobacco company. He is said to have inherited his wealth from their tobacco empire, and now is a managing director at the company. 





Not to call this practice uncommon but Travers has been married twice, his first marriage was with the 1991 Miss World, Ninibeth Beatriz Jiminez Leal and is now married to a woman named Taesha who is, apparently totally fine with him hanging out with the skimpily clad woman all day. She even joins him and the women and is seen in many of his pictures with the girls.





A fleet of luxury and sports cars stand parked under the shimmering lights of his garage. Beynon has everything that a multi-millionaire can buy, right from the symbol of power Rolls Royce to the flashy and speedy Lamborghinis and Ferraris. One other style symbol of Travers are his suits! The Candyman can often be seen clad in an expensive body fitting suit next to one of his coveted possessions. 



3. Tony Toutouni


Self-made millionaire Tony Toutouni is probably the only one with humble beginnings. His account named Lunatic Living is a feast for the eyes. He is often seen in his Instagram pics with super-hot, half-naked models, coupled a lot of money lying around him, and his trademark middle finger raised, which is reportedly insured for a 7-figure sum



What we see on his Instagram:



Depth of his pockets


Net worth: $75 Million


An immigrant from Iran who left the country for a better life, Tony started off as a retail car audio salesman but soon got tired of it and quit the job. He then began his entrepreneurial business that mainly consists of buying, night clubs, restaurants, car dealerships and other businesses, makes 'em profitable and then selling it off for a big price. He seems like a man who has worked his ass off to earn all that money and we think there is nothing wrong is some harmless display of the amassed wealth!





Being a "good friend" of Dan Bilzerian (as he himself has professed), looks like some of Bilzerian's ways rubbed off on Tony too, as he can often be seen with a lot of nearly naked models, with their middle fingers too outstretched.The 42-year-old is said to have been inspired by the following that Dan has on his Instagram and so started his own account, to showcase all that he has. He even has a fiance named Juliann Nicole who is 17 years younger than him and she seems to be okay with all the love Tony has been getting from the other ladies. 





On his account, we can see a wide array of rides. He has in his fleet, high-performance pimped up motorcycles, luxury cars both vintage and the latest models, which highlight his love for vintage rides, and several private jets. Nothing uncommon for a millionaire.




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