30 Couple Tag Questions To Have A Fun Session Together

Couple tag questions playing rules are slightly different from other tag questions game. Here both the persons involved have to answer the questions, and if a question has a one-word answer, they have to answer it together.

It is really a fun game and checks the compatibility and chemistry of the couple. You can even make a video and share your fun session with the entire world. Here are some of the most intriguing couple tag questions that will ensure you have a great time together.



Check out These Outstanding List of Couple Tag Questions


Simple Tag Questions For Couple



1. For which celebrity would you dump your partner (boyfriend or girlfriend)?

Time to check whether your darling prefers someone else over you or not!


2. What is the most annoying word or line your lover use?

Maybe you can use the word or line cautiously to have a smooth relationship. 


3. Where would you plan our honeymoon?

It is always great to plan honeymoon together. 


4. What is the thing your partner is really bad at?

Take it with your chin up and don't be upset. 


5. Who is the favorite singer of your beloved?

You should at least know it by now. 


6. What does your partner do at the free time?

The answer depends on whether you really know it or you have a dirty mind. 


7. What are the nicknames he/she has at home?

If either of you fails to name them, it is a letdown. 



Interesting Couple Tag Questions



8. What percentage of housework should your partner do? 

This is a direct way by which girlfriends make their intention clear beforehand. 


9. If you go out now to fetch some food from the shop to eat together, what surprise gift would you bring with it? 

This is quite intriguing and could well be romantic. It totally depends on the presence of mind!


10. What are the things you do not like about your partner that you never said before?

This is going to have some big revelations. 


11. Which act do you think you could do better if given a second chance?

Everyone deserves a second chance, and it could be related to something that you did the first time like the first kiss, kiss lovemaking or first date. 


12. What is the weirdest thing your beloved do?

Human beings can be really weird, and hence, no shame.


13. What is the most embarrassing moment you had so far in your relationship and who is responsible?

Prepare to laugh out loud. 


14. What is the last thing your partner will do every night if we are together?

Time to check whether you partner is romantic or lusty. 


15. How often does your partner check out opposite gender people in the absence of you? 

This is going to be total fun to answer it. 


Deep Couple Tag Questions



16. What physical part of your partner would you like to rectify?

This might well start a spark. 


17. Which food your lover absolutely hates?

If you partner knows this, he pays attention to details. 


18. What is the thing that you wish you did not do to your lover?

This could be emotional and nostalgic as well. 


19. Who is more insecure and why?

This is a great question, and it could help to sort out potential problems in the relationship. 


20. What did your learn from me?

Another awesome question to see how much your partner has grown in your presence. 


21. Who argues a lot and what are the topics of argument?

This will help you to sort problems the issues for future. 


22. How far can you go to keep our relationship intact?

This requires a lot of thinking from a different perspective. 


Naughty Couple Tag Questions



23. In which dress you find your beloved most attractive?

Now, you know how to impress your partner when you are going out together. 


24. What is the size of your partner's underwear?

Everyone likes to take off their lover's undergarment, it is time to check whether they can buy one correctly or not. 


25. When was the first time you touched your partner's private parts?

This is a real turn on and things can get sexual. 


26. How good is your partner in bed?

Time for some ratings and reviews. 


27. Who is good at giving pleasure to the other?

The argument on sexual acts is always cool.


28. What is his/her dark fantasy?

Prepare to hear something nasty. 


29. How often do you think your partner masturbates?

This is a bolt from the blue. 


30. Would you agree to do a threesome?

This is really interesting and can open up scope for future!


Go ahead and try it out and you can thank you later for providing you the best list of couple tag questions that brought out the best out of your partner. Also, you can check out our article on relationship tag questions to find out more interesting tag questions to make your relation more intimate.



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