The Giant List of 77 Hilarious Truth or Dare Questions

One of the oldest and by far the most entertaining game without the help of any props is truth or dare. Requiring nothing more than a group of 4 to 5 friends (courageous, LOL) and an empty bottle that spins, this game has the ability to make or break any relationship! Truth or dare questions generally have a wide, wide range.

Asking about the participants' deepest secrets and daring them to perform an outrageous task in public are the most popular and fun aspects of the game. On a side note truth or dare questions for girls, generally, result in a lot of after effects for they tend to take things pretty seriously. Just kidding, let's take a quick peek at what we have in our big list!



Here is the Truth or Dare Questions List


Truth or dare questions for kids



These truth or dare questions can be used when there little kids, preferably below the age of 12, and with grown-ups who like to have a good laugh. Mainly consists of silly, simple and clean truth or dare questions, that kids find amusing and feel happy about.




1. How much do you like or hate bugs?


Probably the simplest one out there. Kids generally hate bugs. Or some of them like those creepy crawly things.


2. Do you enjoy doing your chores or not?


None of the kids like to do those boring daily chores, they like to be set free, or do they? 


3. Do you or not know to dance?


Some kids love to dance, and they even break into an impromptu gig, try this on kids.


4. What is the thing you love to do after school?


There are all sorts of things that kids love to do after school, example, picking their noses.


5. Did you or not get picked into any sport at school?


Digging up some old wounds of our own here, nevertheless, kids tend to take this pretty seriously.


6. Do the monsters scare you at night or in the dark?


Ooh, monsters, always a real thing for kids, especially in the night.


7. If you had the power to change what animal would you be?


Animals are another fascinating subject for kids.


8. Do you like your brother/sister?


Mos kids answer this negatively or overly positively depending on the sibling's behavior towards the kid.






9. Spin around 15 times and then start walking.


A gag-task that most adults fail to do completely. Imagine a kid spinning vigorously and then puking all over the place.


10. Recite the alphabet starting from Z.


A fun task for any kids that has not yet mastered the alphabet.


11. Act like a scared chicken for 30 seconds.


Hens and chickens are just some of the many things that kids are amused by.


12. Touch your nose with your tongue.


Oh, a fun one! Just be careful not to let the kid taste their own mucus. That would be awful.


13. Tickle the person who says "truth" next for 7 seconds.


Another thing that kids love doing is playing mischievous tricks.


14. Act like a flying airplane for 30 seconds.


Wouldn't it be funny to see a kid with tiny outstretched hands running around, while he is red-cheeked?


15. Put gum on your hands, let it dry and then peel it off.


An activity that most of us as adults would love to do, but graver things await us in te form of dares!


16. Dance the silliest dance you know.


This one would have made the adults look stupider, but still, let's leave this one for the kids.



Truth or dare questions for teens



This category if for the teenagers who have just found out that they are adults (pseudo-adults), to have some fun with your past as kids or with your plans as the future adults. Basically, everything that we wanted to know about our friends when we were teenagers.






17. Which teacher is the best looking at school?


Almost all the teachers at the school are young and nearly all the teens find one teacher to be hot.


18. Whom do you have a crush on at school?


Another commonality among school goers is to have crushes and more that one sometimes.


19. Have you ever pranked a teacher?


Something that most of us wouldn't dare to do, but if done, there'd be nothing funnier!


20. Are you or not a virgin?


A question that should've been reserved for the adults. Ah, who am I kidding!


21. Have you ever crushed on your best friend's boyfriend/girlfriend?


A fidelity test, for a youngling, to know if they have it in them!


22. What is your most expensive possession?


Bragging, something that comes naturally to teens these days!


23. What would you do when there was a really steamy scene in a movie while watching it with your parents? 


Most kids would just avoid it, look away or go away. Just ask this one for hilarious answers. 


24. Have you ever blamed your sibling for something that you did?


Another thing that most of us have done, blame the little kid for something that you did! 






25. Pretend like you are kissing the pillow.


An extremely embarrassing thing for a teenager, trust me, I know!


26. Use only your elbows and post something on Facebook.


Try this one out for hilarious results, and you have to post anything that gets typed.


27. Tell your crush that they look sexy/handsome via texting.


Maybe this is the day that you finally confess to your crush!


28. Tickle yourself for 30 seconds.


That isn't funny at all, nobody can tickle oneself. But fun to watch them try.


29. Kiss the one whom you think is the most beautiful in the group.


If your have your crush in the group, now's your chance, take it!!!


30. Shout out your national anthem, be as loud and clear as you can.


That would be the most stupid act ever! Let them get to the balcony and start shouting, and let us see how many stand still in respect.


31. Call one of your parents, start yelling at them and end the call by grounding them.


It would be a total shocker for your poor parents who were last grounded when they were naughty teens themselves!


32. Try your best at belly dancing.


Not everyone is Shakira, let them try n fail, sit back and relax!



Truth or dare questions for adults



Here come the seriously raunchy, sexy and embarrassing truth or dare questions. These are not meant for kids and have some embarrassingly hot tasks that some of us might find amusing or even a turn on. We even have some really dirty truth or dare questions, tread carefully






33. What part of my body is your favorite?


Surely your friends will have a favorite, you just didn't have an opportunity before. Voila, now you do!


34. Have you and B (someone in the group or outside) ever had sex or at least made out?


Something that everyone would be itching to find out, and now you get to ask them and they have to spill it out.


35. Do like to have a rough or a smooth session of intercourse?


Another raunchy question, and is better to ask a girl, 'cause frankly, guys don't mind it as long as they get some action.


36. Have you ever dreamt of us doing? Intentional or unintentional?


Exploring the depths of your minds to find out if you have had virtual carnal relationships!


37. Have you ever had to fake an orgasm (with me or someone else) and why?


If you are the one to whom it was done, then the other person is absolutely fucked!


38. Have you ever imagined someone else while having sex with your hubby/wifey?


Make sure that their significant other isn't around, or you could get them into some deep trouble!


39. What are you top 3 favorite sex positions?


A useful one, if you are eyeing that person!


40. Have you ever wanted us to go out or had feelings for me?


A sensitive question, nevertheless, let the truth be out!


41. If you could make me, what would you like me to do to you? 


A particularly teasing question, be careful of what you answer! potential friendship ruiner or the switch to turn them on!


42. What is the one thing that your S. O. has done during sex that you didn't enjoy?


Maybe some weird thing they found on the internet.






43. Give me a nice and strong hickey on my chest.


A totally adult thing to do, beware of any kids walking in on you.


44. Dry hump my ass for 45 seconds.


Not a truth or dare questions for friends, LOL but for someone you want as your potential partner or not!


45. Come and sit on my lap in your underwear only.


This is one of the hottest dares to be asked, like ever.


46. Give a loud moaning sound for 30 seconds.


It should be so loud that the neighbors should call up asking to keep it low.


47. Give a handjob over my clothes for 1 minute.


Beware of any discharge while this is done!


48. Give me a kiss on my mouth for 30 seconds/1minute.


You will either enjoy this or regret it for the rest of your life.


49. Give yourself head, or try to, for 30 seconds.


Something that is possible only for the most flexible of people and not to mention utterly filthy!


50. Strip for 5 minutes with music in the background.


A strip tease from your hot friend, nice!


51. Let me feel you up for 1 minute.


If you have a thing for your friend, this is the time to get some action!


52. Let's go have sex in the bathroom (in the shower).


The last one and the most daring one on the list, if you're just friends, that is.



Truth or dare questions for couples



Mainly has truth or dare questions for new and seasoned couples, nothing too sexually explicit or embarrassing, but what some of us might call as sweet and connection-building questions. Ask away.






53. What is the most romantic thing that you're suppose has ever done? 


Listen up, youngsters. 


54. What do you fear the most in your relationship?


One of the best truth or dare questions for your spouse, to know what she is most fearful of.


55. Which one of your in laws is your favorite?


Another question that is also very very useful albeit in a different manner.


56. What is the most embarrassing thing that your spouse ever did?


Something that most people won't open up about easily.


57.  What was the first impression of your spouse when you met him /her? 


This is probably what gets you two closer!


58. Which is your most favorite body part of your spouse?


Although a personal one, most people don't hesitate much! 


59. If you had never met you spouse where would you be now? 


Maybe you could try and be more like that person, knowing that he/she liked them next? 


60. Do you think there is such a thing as 'love at first sight' or 'soulmates'?


A question that most people these days have lost meaning for, nevertheless, no harm in trying.


61. Has your spouse taken after their mother or father? 


Something that even you would've wanted to know. 






62. Sing the song that you and your spouse both like to bits. 


This one makes them think of all things cute about you. 


63. Which one of your in laws do you hate or like better than the other? Why? 


Something to spice things up. 


64. Give your spouse a sensual massage. 


This one is a potential action-getter, use it wisely!


65. Makeout with your spouse until your next turn. 


Fun to watch and do! 


66. You have to turn on him/her within 2 minutes without making contact. 


A really fun one, to test their couple power. 


67. Make your spouse jealous in 1 minute. 


Hopefully, it doesn't make the other uncomfortable, or better yet, doesn't have anyone else around!


68. Take off your spouse's clothes using nothing but your teeth. 


A big ask made during a small game, nevertheless equally fun. 


69. You have to tell your spouse something that only he/she will get. 


Don't forget to find out what it is. 


70. Do an impression of your spouse's annoying best friend for 1 minute.


This way you'd know what exactly comes to their mind when you name is said!


71. Tell me one story from your past relationship, preferably something bad and embarrassing (that your spouse knows). 


A perfect truth or dare question for your boyfriend, guys have way worse pasts than women!




Truth or dare questions for Girlfriend 



This one is specifically made for all those boyfriends that want to get a bit more out of their girls, and have that much more fun!




72. Have you ever, maybe at some point cheated on your ex?


This one's gonna give you a jolt, or not!


73. What do you think is annoying in me?


A nice yet sneaky way of getting it out of her.


74. What is your biggest and the most secretive fantasy?


This one will surely come in handy and soon.





75. Show me the best of your flirting skills.


A naughty one.


76. Seduce me with Shakespearean-style english.


Let us see if she's got the skills.


77. Shake hands with someone you don't know and refuse to let go!


Careful with this one!



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